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Archive: July 2016

Jul 2016

Why Your Nonprofit Logo Is Crucial to Your Success

When it comes to a company’s identity and expression, the logo design says everything that a customer needs to know. A crucial part of a company’s branding, the company logo serves as a visual mouthpiece for the brand itself and can be the... read more
Jul 2016

How To Define A Successful Brand For Your Nonprofit Organization

A cohesive and easy-to-understand brand identity is a necessity in making your organization stand out from the crowd — but that’s easier said than done. So how can you define a successful brand for your nonprofit? Let’s begin by defining... read more
Jul 2016

Why Does Your Nonprofit Need a Brand?

Branding is a buzzword in the marketing community, but much less known among the nonprofit sector. This puts many organizations at a disadvantage because branding is actually crucial for  nonprofits. A well-constructed brand can help you stand out... read more
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