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3 Things All Website Developers Should Offer When You Hire Them

3 Things All Website Developers Should Offer When You Hire Them

3 Things All Website Developers Should Offer When You Hire ThemToday’s websites require much more than a pretty appearance. When choosing a website developer, skills and experience aren’t the only characteristics you should look for. Three things that your website developer should offer you when you hire them to include the following:

SEO services

Search-engine optimization (SEO) refers to features and characteristics of your website that help increase its ranking on search-engine sites—the most important being Google. Because the overwhelming majority of search engine users only visit websites on first-page search results, SEO  plays a huge role in determining if your website will be stagnant or will be an invaluable asset to your business and its customers. Some—but not all—of the things that influence a website’s search-engine rank include the following:

  1. Content. Content refers to the information on your site. Search engines reward sites that have comprehensive, valuable, and relevant content that benefits users. In easy to understand terms, content is what search engines use to determine if you’re the real deal or a fraud.
  2. Multiple platform capabilities. The days of searching the web using only desktops and laptops are gone. The majority of today’s search-engine users rely on mobile and tablet devices. If your website isn’t functional on these platforms, it won’t be at the top of search rankings.
  3. Backlinks. Backlinks to diverse, relative and authoritative websites improve your site’s ranking.

The best web developers are those who have a strong understanding and knowledge of SEO. They know the things search engines reward and use them when creating your website.


Copywriting is writing for advertising and marketing purposes. Copywriting is a very important aspect of website development. The best web developers are excellent copywriters or they outsource their clients’ copywriting needs to a copywriter who has the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to produce writing that results in the customer taking action. Some of the key components of effective copywriting include the following:

  • A compelling title, headline, and introduction that easily leads the reader into the copy body.
  • A copy body that has well presented, factual information that relates to the customer’s needs.
  • A list of benefits customers can look forward to if they purchase your product or services.
  • A compelling and persuasive call to action.

An important but often overlooked aspect of copywriting is testing. Various statistical tests can be used to determine if copywriting is effective. The best website developers are those that maximize results by using statistical testing methods.

Animation and video production

An important advantage that a website has over traditional print and television marketing is its capability to perfectly intertwine writing and animation and video production. When a web developer has the skills needed to incorporate an animation or video production into your website, you can look forward to having an invaluable marketing tool that tremendously benefits your customers and business. Additionally, animation and video production that is informative and valuable can give you an advantage over your competition and improve your search ranking.

SEO services, copywriting, and animation and video production should always be offered by a web developer. If they’re not, you should seriously consider choosing a different developer for your website project. Spending money and time on a website can be an extremely rewarding and exciting experience when you hire the right web developer. To learn about some of the SEO, copywriting, and animation and video production options offered by David Taylor Design, contact our office today.

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