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2020 Website Trends

3 Things Your Website Needs By 2020

We’d like to see you get ahead of the game! Take a look at these three website trends and make sure that your business website is ready for 2020!

Website Trend One: Oversized Lettering

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to getting your website users’ attention…bigger is the way to go. Using oversized lettering is a great way to direct your visitors’ eyes to the areas of your website that you want them to see.

Look here, not here, for example.

Website Trend Two: Hidden Navigation

The more things you give visitors to look at, the less decisive they will be. Hidden navigation is becoming the new norm and for good reason. It grants more breathing space for your website without really removing anything. The navigation is still there, it’s just hidden away in the corner.

Website Trend Three: Animation

Specifically, background animation or video. This goes hand-in-hand with hidden navigation as website animation works best when there is ample space. You can really bring your brand to life with the right homepage animation, resulting in a first impression that is unforgettable for the end-user.

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