30 Website Design Companies in NJ

This list was compiled to help you choose the right web design company for your website project.

When you plan on building your business in New Jersey the best way to begin is to hire an NJ Website Design Company to aid you in the marketing of your online brand. A web designer needs to understand what your goal is for the outcome of the website as well as figure out how to make it functional for your business. In addition to the web design and development of a brand website, some companies will offer additional services for your websites such as branding and graphic design, copywriting and strategic messaging, and search engine optimization.

If you’re interested in a new website or developing your brand, please call David Taylor Design at (973) 988-1553 or email us at info@davidtaylordesign.com.

As a business, it’s important that you bring in new customers and keep existing customers returning. In order for customers to want to work with your business, they need to be aware of the company, to begin with. This is where creating a fantastic website comes into play. Giving your customers a place to go and view your products or services, allows them to make decisions about your company.

A web design agency in New Jersey, such as David Taylor Design, can provide you with the necessary tools to create a strong business through marketing and easy access.

This directory provides a listing of NJ Website Design Companies which offer website design and marketing services. The main goal of website design is to give businesses a leg up on the competition and create a strong brand which will carry their business to new heights. This article can help you choose a website design company that best meets your needs.

The listing also provides information on the services provided and contact information for the NJ website design companies.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is only meant to serve as a list of website design companies that exist in New Jersey. This list should not be considered an endorsement of any of these companies.

  1. David Taylor Design

Well, of course, we put ourselves at #1.  We offer both creative web design and digital marketing services for NJ businesses.

At David Taylor Design, we help businesses to re-imagine their marketing goals and product branding with top notch service. We are a team of passionate and talented professionals who are dedicated to aiding industries to achieve their business goals. With our knowledge and expertise, we deliver the highest level of customer service.

Details: 3 Wing Drive, Suite 240, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927; phone: 973-317-8765 

  1. Maximize Website Design

Maximize Website Design offers Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Branding, Online Marketing and Advertising, and Mobile Websites and Applications.

They are a results-driven agency which formulates custom strategies to best aid their clients achieve business goals. They utilize both creativity and technology to develop websites and marketing strategies which allow businesses to thrive in today’s competitive markets.

Details: 50 Harrison St, Suite 302, Hoboken, NJ 07030 phone: (866) 213-2352

  1. Lform Design

As a design company, they create custom websites and digital marketing for exceptional companies. Their mission states that they will connect your business to the marketplace, engage your customers, and help you convert leads into strong sales. They believe in customers coming first, the pursuit of excellence, vision, mutual respect, and social responsibility.

They are a competitive agency which offers numerous custom web design services.

Details: 271 Grove Ave #4, Verona, NJ 07044 phone: (973) 239-9002

  1. Manna Design

One of the area’s leading Digital Marketing, Website Design, Graphic Design, SEO, and Internet Marketing Company. They have a staff of experienced and innovative designers and consultants which aim to serve their clients with all aspects of marketing. They believe that in today’s market, a strong internet presence is necessary to succeed.

Contact them today for a free quote or schedule a meeting at their office.

Details: 2 West Blackwell Street Suite 2, Dover, NJ 07801 phone: 856-881-7650

  1. DotCom Global Media

Looking to revitalize your website? In need of engaging ideas with effective results? DotCom Global Media is there to provide you with outstanding services. Their company has been creating websites and designing digital strategies since 1995. DotCom does not believe that “one size fits all” and is committed to tailoring their services to your unique situation. They will work directly with you to develop exactly what you need to manage and implement change to your website and marketing initiatives.

phone: (609) 226-4747

  1. worldwideRiches Web Design and SEO

Companies hire worldwideRiches to reach their goals. They believe that their viewpoint is simple: be great at two things- SEO and Website Design. SEO allows companies to be viewed more often, giving customers and clients more access to their websites. It provides an effective internet marketing strategy which helps to build a business. Website design is just as important because it can lead to sales.

They possess a blueprint for success which requires trust, engagement, and commitment to deliver the best results for their clients.

phone: (908) 709-1601

  1.  Kraus Marketing

Kraus Marketing states that a website is the first impression consumers will receive from any business/company. It can impact profit margins and lead to an increase in sales, which is why they believe it’s a very important factor in the creation of a website.

Their team of web developers, designers, and digital marketing specialists work diligently to provide a beautifully designed site which is rooted in SEO best practices. They are a full-service web design agency, which means they design, develop, launch, and maintain client websites.

Details: 4 Spring St., Morristown, NJ 07960 phone: (973) 998-5742

  1. Skylands Web Design

Offering creative web design and branding solutions for NJ small businesses, Skylands Web Design offers creative, effective, and affordable services to small business, civic organizations, service clubs, and charitable groups.

In addition to web design services they also possess a family of websites, galleries of logos, and corporate branding.

Details: 27 Glenbrook Rd, Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 phone: (862) 268-2057

Update: 9/6/2018 no longer maintained

  1. Creative Click Media

Facilitates marketing that gets businesses noticed and strategies which deliver exceptional results. They are an award-winning agency who has helped hundreds of clients develop a digital presence, strengthen brands, and grow bottom lines.

Their services include website design and development, search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns, brand identity, graphic design, conversion rate optimization, content strategy and creation, social media strategy, marketing, and animated video production.

phone: (877) 361-8016

  1. South Jersey Website Designs

Created in 1997, South NJ Website Designs provides services to small to mid-sized businesses in South Jersey and the surrounding areas. They have expert search engine optimization strategies and long-standing reputation with clients, leading them to be the most popular search engines for potential customers looking for web design services in the area.

They understand that businesses require websites that are more than a collection of images and text. The design team at South Jersey Web Design works hard to make sure their client’s online image is professional, interactive, and communicative.

phone: (877) 566-9785

  1. Classy Website Designs

As a unique web design company, Classy Website Design offers a wide array of services such as responsive website design, website development, website design copywriter, email blast designs, email campaigns, SEO, blog set-ups. Social networking, website photography, and website testimonial video productions.

They have numerous testimonies and before/after shots which showcase their work and dedication to quality.

phone: (908) 219-4514

  1. Nariel Premium Web Design Company

Nariel is a complete web development business who strives to address a wide variety of client needs. Their philosophy is that a key part of their job is to understand client challenges and aid in problem resolution. They utilize exceptional communication and then individually analyze every client’s specific needs and outcomes. They are dedicated to delivering excellence for every client which pushes them to consistently be at the top of their game.

They have a portfolio on their website which showcases their work and specific servicing and pricing options available.

Details: 41 Harvey Ave, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 phone:  (201) 490-1133

  1. New Age SMB

NewAge SMB, a New Jersey-based professional web design, and website Development is focused on the leading edge of information transfer technologies, adding significant value to their business. Most importantly, we accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by clubbing creative and cost-effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance.

Details: 231 Clarksville Road, Suite 200, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 phone: 609-919-9816

  1. WalkerTek Interactive Marketing

Their design work is much more than creating a pretty landscape for their clients. They apply a Design Logic which looks at the elements of a business that matter the most: Brand, Business Needs, Target Audience, Content, and Function. Through the use of these key focuses, WalkerTek can develop award-winning work for clients. They are determined to create a website which encompasses the tools, content, and functionality necessary to a functioning website.

Details: 219 Changebridge Rd., Montville, NJ 07045 phone: (866) 932-0004

  1. JasonHunter Design, LLC

As a website design company and website development firm, they have built their reputation on offering affordable web design services for small business owners looking to expand their web presence. Their services include web design and development, branding and identity, search engine optimization, mobile applications, and social media marketing. Their website is broken down into specific services which then showcase what JasonHunter can produce for your business. Additionally, those services are then sectioned off based on industry, which can be very helpful in navigating what you specifically want to focus on for your business.
Details: 124 Lewis Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861 phone: (732) 896-0513

  1. Sheer Web Design

A web design company since 1998, Sheer Web Design has an extensive history of delivering award-winning website development for e-commerce and personal Websites for companies, musicians, artists, and nonprofit organizations. With a strong portfolio available for viewing, the firm offers personalized services and will take the time to speak with each interested party as well as work out pricing for the optimized website design of your choice.

Details: Glassboro, NJ 08028 phone: (856) 881-6000

  1. Small Biz Makeover Website Design

With a slogan like, “Big City Websites, Small Town Prices,” it’s clear that Small Biz makes a splash on their company website. As a company with over eight years of experience and over 170 websites built by their professionals, it’s no surprise their reviews are stellar, and their rates have remained affordable. They pride themselves on personalized services for small businesses and professionals all over the US. Small Biz states that it will walk their clients through the entire process, suggesting only what will be helpful to a client’s business. No added frustrations or flashy gimmicks. They truly want your company to make a positive return on their investment with Small Biz.

phone: (201) 253-6734

  1.  NJSEOs Web Design & Local SEO Company

NJSEOs is a small business design company who is focused on aiding small and medium-sized businesses with their web design needs. As a company, they are focused on in-person interaction so they can discuss exactly what the client is looking for. All of their websites are built on responsive platforms which can be easily accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Approximately 99% of their clients have had their traffic tripled within the first two months, and they continue to grow.

phone: (732) 701-SEOS

  1. JAM Graphics

As a small firm, JAM Graphics claims to be clean, custom, and practical. The firm uses IPOWER and VPS hosting/domain providers with control panels at their disposal. All of their websites are built 100% mobile and responsive. Their clients range from a variety of industries, all with different needs. Additionally, they offer custom programming for whatever your website needs. They have created full walk-a-thon websites, where users can create teams; make donations; and invite others, and they have built internal office applications that enable field workers to submit orders while out in the field.

Details: 7 Industrial Rd., Suite 203-B, Pequannock, NJ 07440 phone: (201) 676-4394

  1. Silvernail Web Design

Silvernail offers a multitude of services from WordPress Design, SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Management just to name a few. They are a premier WordPress Website design firm who provides custom websites as a tool to market businesses and generate qualified business leads through their four-step WordPress Marketing Process. Their firm strives to create content which will set your business apart from the competition.

Details: 68 Noble st, South Bound Brook, NJ 08880 phone: (862) 812-1612

  1. JK Design Inc.

With a promise to build brands through design, JK Designs Inc. has 30 years of expertise creating custom content and web designs for numerous clients. They offer everything your business will need to be successful in a competitive market. They specialize in branding, digital marketing, mobile, print, video/motion, and the web.  The firm is known for its engaging design, sophisticated functionality, intuitive interfaces, and customized CMS.

Details: 465 Amwell Rd. Hillsborough, NJ 08844 phone: (908) 428-4700

  1. THAT Agency New Jersey Web Design  

This NJ Web Design firm urges businesses to, “go THAT much further.” Their company has a large portfolio full of custom designed websites for businesses in multitudes of industries. THAT Agency specializes on the balance between web design, functionality, and visibility. Internet presence is a direct reflection of a business and all that it has to offer. Their custom web design, inbound marketing, and digital marketing are key parts of their portfolio.

phone: (888) 873-3281

  1. Progressive Online Media Group

As a business which guarantees to create professional, responsive websites, Progressive strives to make a lasting first impression. They focus on creative attraction and functional websites which will create strong first impressions among buyers/clients. It’s imperative to keep customers intrigued with new products and easy access to the information they seek. In addition to their website design, they offer web maintenance. Web maintenance will allow your business to remain fresh and up to date as time goes on, keeping customers interested and attracting new clients.

phone: (201) 691-7558

  1. SamsonMedia, LLC

Full of gleaming testimonials, SamsonMedia provides a wide variety of services and a diverse portfolio. Samson wants to focus on building your brand and ultimately your business. Their websites are built to be search engine friendly which means accessibility for all customers. They believe that having a “cool” website doesn’t necessarily mean that it will help build your business. If you’re going to invest your time and money, the outcome should be something that benefits your company. They offer custom design packages which also include powerful tools to run websites on the back end.

Details: 8 Windsor Place, Montclair, NJ 07043 phone: (973) 744-6621

  1. Double-Time Web Design, LLC

Double-Time Design consistently offers professional website design, intriguing graphic design, and marketing to South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Their company has grown to handle print advertising such as catalogs and billboards, social media campaigns, media buys, and much more. Double-Time’s mission is to increase potential leads through internet marketing, amplify interest through effective marketing, and boost conversions through professional, optimized website design.

Details: 2002 Lincoln Dr. West, Suite J, Marlton, NJ 08052 phone: (856) 912-5147

  1. Inflexion Interactive

Inflexion Interactive has been recognized by the Webby Awards as an Official Honoree for their work with D’Angelico Guitars and the Theatre Development Fund. In addition to their accolades, Inflexion pursues the chance to help the business stay relevant and ahead of the curve. They provide services in research and analytics, mobile marketing, web design, and development, as well as marketing services. Their creative and technical specialists are there to plan, execute, and manage any digital marketing needs.

phone: (888) 399-1772

  1. Aquarius Designs Inc.

Aquarius Designs is dedicated to offering web development solutions which help businesses gain the maximum effects from an online presence. Not only do they provide NJ companies with services, but they work with businesses nationwide. Their main goal is to design websites that will attract attention, provide a professional image, and support the message of your business. They will analyze your website and find the appropriate web development programming which will deliver the best results for your specific company needs. Their successful formula can bolster traffic to your site to help you reach clients from all over.

phone: (917) 687-4764

  1. Trillion Creative

Trillion Creative is a branding, graphic design, and web design agency that specializes in branding to help manage and grow business brands with creativity and design. Trillion has experience with B2B, B2C, or nonprofit brands proven to be highly effective. Their firm cultivates a full suite of services that target their clients’ customers and represent their brands most effectively. A website can be an investment in creating an effective internet presence and opening doors for new opportunities. Trillion can build upon your website so your business is more accessible and your brand is consistent.

Details: 382 Springfield Ave., #408 Summit, NJ 07901 phone: (908) 219-4703

  1. Flying Turtle Studio

With a name like Flying Turtle Studios, the company is bound to make an impression. True to form, they believe that the web is the ultimate customer-empowering environment. The studio ventures to formulate user-friendly websites which can attract customers of all ages and backgrounds. It’s not enough to bring customers to your site, you want them to stay and explore, and ultimately to buy. To build revenue, it involves intelligent user-driven features such as creating navigational structures that are easy and intuitive. Their programming services allow you to integrate a variety of sophisticated functions, from e-commerce development to back-end database integration.

phone: (908) 213-3140

  1. Local Buzz

Local Buzz allocates affordable, clean, and mobile-friendly WordPress website designs for clients from diverse industries. Their designs are affordable, beautiful, and concise which convert visitors into customers. Furthermore, their websites are responsive and mobile friendly, meaning your customers can shop your website on the go. Having your business appear within the first few results of a search engine can have a serious impact on your business and its growth. Websites are becoming the new business storefront, and at Local Buzz, they build websites with shopping carts, so your business is able to sell products, collect payments, and grow in ways you hadn’t previously imagined.

phone: (732) 447-6640

Every business today needs a website.  A website can be a great source of leads for your business.   Whatever your website development needs you can use this list to find a New Jersey Website Design Company that best suits you and your company.

So how do you choose between all of these companies?

Now that you’ve learned more about several of the website design companies throughout New Jersey, what’s next? How do you choose a company that is best for you? What should you be looking for when searching for design services and web development in NJ?

When you’re not an expert in web design or web development, it can be impossible to know the things you should expect—and not expect—when you hire a web designer. Finding a good web-development company to create your website is crucial for presenting yourself well online. And even more important is hiring the best web design and development company for you. It can be difficult to find the perfect web-design firm to represent your brand, organization, or company, so here are our top 3 tips for hiring the best web design and development company:

  • Ask for samples of past work
    You don’t just want to hire the best web-design company—you want to find the best web-design company for you. So, you not only need to know that they’re good at what they do, but also that they can create a website with a design that fits your brand and the functionality you need.Looking at the websites a firm or designer has created for clients in the past can help you get an idea of how their work looks and functions in practice. Plus, asking for multiple examples can help you see if a given company can vary their work depending on the client or if they have a signature style and design. And finally, if you like what you see, it’s a great segue to ask for past client references to see how easy or difficult a firm is to work with.
  • Notice how they communicate with you
    A great web design firm should be great at communication; that is, they should be able to strike a balance of giving expertise and taking in your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and direction. You want a web designer that can explain to you what their going to do so that you can understand it while also making you feel comfortable to share your own ideas with them.While design and development skills are obviously an important part of any web-development company, more of the process than you may realize depends on good communication. Make sure to meet with any web design company you may hire to create your site—don’t make your decision solely from their past work. Even the best web development firm can make the website development process difficult if they can’t communicate well—or worse, you could end up a website that clashes with what you wanted in the first place.The best way to see if a firm communicates effectively is to, well, communicate. See how easy or difficult it is to set up a meeting about your website needs. And once you meet with them, you should be able to gauge how well you communicate together and understand one another. Finally, remember that communication has two sides: It’s not just about how they express their own thoughts, but also how they listen and interpret your ideas as well.
  • Are they flexible and willing to learn new things?
    Part of a web developer’s job is to constantly learn and grow. Digital technology changes so quickly that it’s imperative to stay up on the latest design trends, technology, web capability, and more in order to do the job of a web developer. Plus, you should be able to trust that if any issues arise, they’ll find a solution to fix it.Unfortunately, though this is an important trait you’ll want in your web-design firm, it can be a hard thing to gauge with someone you’ve just met. When you’re talking with potential web design companies, try and ask questions like, “What is the last thing you learned?” or “How did you learn to code in a specific language,” or even “What’s a problem you’ve run into recently in your work, and how did you fix it?” These can help you understand how well a web designer can adapt, adjust, and learn when needed.

Hiring a web design and development company is a very important task because you are trusting them to create an online presence for your company that will fit in with your brand positioning and represent your business well. If you have any questions about choosing the right NJ web design company or are looking for design and web development services, please reach out to our team. We are happy to answer your questions and explain more about the services we offer at David Taylor Design.


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