5 Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Needs Professional Web DevelopmentAs a manufacturing company, you need a website that showcases your unique technology and expertise in the field. That’s why web development is so important.

Don’t just leave the creation of your website up to your cousin (twice removed) to save a few bucks. Invest in a web development company to build a website; you can be proud of while gaining those hard-to-get clients. It’s time to turn your digital presence into a marketing powerhouse!

That’s where professional web development services come into play. Hiring a company that knows the ins-and-outs of web design and everything that goes along with it is a critical business decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Since 48% of people say the design of a website reflects the credibility of a company, shouldn’t you put some resources towards a great website?

Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs Web Development Services

They are professionals
It should go without saying that hiring a professional web development company means professional work. Let’s be honest; if you try to do it yourself, it’ll probably look that way. Web development companies will build you a website that competes with others in your industry while increasing your credibility with users. This means users will trust your company more and stay on your site longer. They’ll know the industry and what needs to be done to ensure a fully functional, beautiful website that stands out.

Professional web development services include creating a website that’s easy to navigate by users. Web developers understand how users will interact with your website, and how to make the flow of pages easy to navigate. Users should be able to access the pages they want as quickly as they want. Filtering searches by products, materials, and applications is a must. Your pages must offer as many options as necessary so customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Websites shouldn’t be mazes!

Custom design
With professional web design services, you’ll get the perfect look and feel for your website. Design is everything when it comes to showcasing your brand identity. The majority of the time, web visitors will only give your site a few seconds to impress them, so it’s essential that your web design stands out and represents your company well. You want it to be unique but modern, sleek yet memorable. In our experience, 99% of the time “do-it-yourself” or “on-the-cheap” web design and development results in an unattractive, unprofessional, boring, and confusing site. Don’t make this common mistake! Trust us, leave your web design needs to the experts!

Your web development company will make sure to educate you on how to use your manufacturing website while answering all of your questions. They’ll give you the best tools and plugins to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. You’ll be trained on how to make minor changes yourself, without the back-and-forth communications between you and your web developer. You’ll have control over things in the front-end like content, images, colors, and more. Don’t worry; web development firms also provide long-lasting tech support to keep your site in tip-top shape.

They know best practices
Web development professionals keep up to speed with the latest technology in web development. They know security, features, plugins, user experience, and even a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website will function at optimal speeds while being able to keep up with new features all the time. Web development companies will also keep you in line with current SEO guidelines to make sure you have healthy search rankings, traffic, and visibility. Plus, professional web designers know what works best when it comes to enhancing the buyer journey.

Now that you know why your manufacturing company needs professional web development, it’s time to think about what to expect in your web design. Remember, your website needs to show off your products and give users a unique, pleasing experience. Be there to help on every page!

What Every Manufacturing Website Needs

Mobile-First design

With 70% of web traffic taking place on a mobile device, it’s no wonder websites need to function on every screen. If you don’t deliver a great mobile experience, users are bound to leave your site and go to your competitor. That’s why making your website mobile responsive (automatically formats to any device) is essential and should be a top priority to you, especially as a manufacturing company.

Quality images
You need professional images or renderings of your products on your manufacturing website. These images will make users want to stay on the page since words might not be as visually appealing when first showcasing your inventory. Having quality images equals quality products to users. Plus, users will know right away if they can use your services or not. Along with photos, you should also include product specs to show even more value. Perhaps a table showing specifications, PDFs, or a simple but effective product description would make the user experience even better!

Case Studies/Portfolio
Do you make custom products or different kinds of applications? Showing how these work in a real-life example can give users a better idea of what you do. You need to show how your product will benefit their lives. Case studies are a great way to push more quality images and content on the website while demonstrating the strengths of your company.

Calls to Action
Remember how web design services provide an organized, easy to navigate website? Manufacturing websites need to convey right away what they want their users to do once they enter. That’s where calls-to-action come in handy. These come in the form of messages, buttons, contact forms, and more. They keep users moving through the site in a clear-cut path.

Valuable content
When it comes to website content, more isn’t always better, especially if it’s written poorly. Offer content that’s thoughtful, planned, and useful. Give value to your customers through content that matters to them. Never write for yourself or what you think users will want to read. With a little market research, you’ll figure out customer pain-points and questions and therefore, can generate content to meet those needs. Your web developer can set you up with a FAQ or blog section to better engage with users. Remember, content isn’t just copy, but videos too. Consider video as a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal, especially if you want to show off new products or case studies.

Building a fully functional, user-friendly website takes time and money, but it’s worth it. As a manufacturing company, your website needs to convey expertise, trust, and confidence. Bringing on a professional web development company will ensure your site stands out from the crowd and cultivates leads. Not to mention being manageable and easy for you to make any updates yourself to save precious time.

With professional web development, your manufacturing company will get seasoned experts, custom design, and ongoing support. If you’re ready to build a quality website that fosters customer relationships and strengthens your bottom line, contact us today!

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