Poor productivity and badly managed leads cost businesses at least $1 trillion per year, according to a recent survey. It’s often difficult for B2B companies to pinpoint where their sales strategies are failing them. They then need to identify how to remedy those issues.

It’s a good idea to go back to the basics. What are the most important B2B sales strategies to know about? And how can you utilize these concepts to motivate your employees and increase your revenue? Keep reading for some key B2B sales tips and advice.

b2b sales growthKnow Your Customers

A crucial element of B2B sales is understanding the profiles of your potential customers. Sales reps should conduct thorough research into each client. Start by considering the following questions:

  • What are their current challenges?
  • How is their business expected to develop in the next 1-2 years?
  • What are their competitors doing differently from them?

Finding the answers to these questions will help your business to position your product with specific customers in mind. It is also helpful to get an idea of a business’s available budget.

Developing buyer personas is a useful strategy for matching the solutions your business provides to the needs of potential customers. You can also take some time to get to know your customers personally. Develop a rapport with the individuals you work with before approaching the sales pitch.

Put the Product First

Any great B2B sales growth strategy highlights the USPs of your business’s service or product. Consider what makes your business stand out from your competitors. This might be incredible software features, 24/7 customer support, or decades of experience in the industry.

It’s also important to acknowledge that today’s B2B buyers do not need to rely on sales reps to receive information. Third-party sources of information are seen as useful due to their impartiality. They also share the experience of previous customers.

It’s crucial to encourage happy clients to post a positive review. Meanwhile, embrace the negative reviews too as these help provide a more balanced picture.

Use Case Studies

Next, a valuable sales growth strategy in a B2B context is utilizing case studies. These are great resources for demonstrating how previous customers have benefitted from your services.

Did you know: as many as 73% of B2B buyers rely on case studies when researching their buying decisions. There are several key considerations when it comes to case studies. First, they should feature prominently on your website. This means either your homepage or with a clear navigation option to explore these with one click.

Next, try to share case studies from a range of your existing customers. It goes without saying that calling upon well-known names is helpful, but try to draw from a range of industries if possible.

Last, including statistics is a great way of demonstrating the value gained from your product. This might be an exact figure saved per month, thanks to your product.

Invest in Content Marketing

Another important way of increasing sales is via content marketing. Copywriting and engaging content are useful sales strategies for several reasons.

First, content marketing enables self-promotion. This might be an email marketing campaign, social media post, or website article. Content marketing allows businesses to prove their expertise and direct their readers’ next steps. This is done thanks to strategic calls to action (CTAs) and keyword research to discover common questions your customers might have.

Next, content marketing is also a valuable way of retaining your current customers. Depending on your business model, this might be encouraging further sales or increasing a monthly subscription. Content marketing allows businesses to highlight new releases and offers, and helps to build a sense of community around the brand.

Those are just two of the reasons why content marketing should be one of your nonnegotiable B2B sales growth strategies.

Offer Multiple Buying Options

One of the best B2B sales strategies we want to share is using multiple buying options. Businesses that offer only one purchasing option are limiting their flexibility. They encourage potential customers to continue their research elsewhere.

Ideally, offer 3-5 options as part of your sales pitch. This lets businesses choose to try out your services before making a full commitment, or alternatively, make important savings by opting for a larger package. This sales technique is particularly valuable for SaaS companies and lets your potential customers feel more in control of their purchasing decision.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Finally, SEO techniques are often undervalued by businesses. Yet, this is a low-cost technique of generating potential leads and bringing potential, in-market customers to you.

When discussing SEO, we are referring to a range of different practices. These include on-site content marketing, as discussed above, in the form of a blog section. Other important aspects include keyword strategies, website optimization, backlinking, meta descriptions, and more.

Our expert team at David Taylor Design can help you to develop your SEO strategy, resulting in better search engine performances. But how does this relate to increased B2B sales?

The B2B sales funnel is far more complex than for B2B companies. By appearing at the top of the search results when someone is researching your services, they are likely to visit your website. Once there, a sleek website design and helpful blog section will give the impression that your business is an industry leader and worthy of further inquiries.

Those Are the Top B2B Sales Growth Strategies

Having covered some of the key B2B sales strategies and techniques, it’s time to put them into action. Identify areas of your current sales approach that are lacking, and try incorporating some of our tips into your future sales processes.

Don’t forget that David Taylor Design can assist with your business’s B2B sales growth needs. From web design and SEO to branding, copywriting, and video animation, we’ve got you covered. Contact our team for more information about how to nail your sales strategies and get an edge over your competitors.