b2b website designB2B organizations require B2B website design. If you hadn’t thought about your website like this before, it may benefit from an overhaul. This is good news. Any changes that make your B2B website more B2B-centric should improve your sales, leads, and profits. And you can make some changes as soon as you’ve finished reading this post.

Much of what we encounter online is consumer-focused. When B2B organizations stick to what they know, it’s understandable. If your website is not focusing on your customers being businesses, we recommend that you make the following B2B website design changes. Similar to our industrial website design tips, you likely don’t need to reinvent your site. Rather, use these tips to attract a business audience. Then see about getting a full B2B website design to maximize your reach and focus on your target audience.

Let’s start with some B2B website design ideas to embrace. The result should be a business site that boosts your sales, reputation, and online presence.

B2B Website Design Principles

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a B2B website design is who your audience is, and what makes them different.

  • While consumers can be prone to quick, impulsive shopping habits, business buyers tend to have an entirely different approach. B2B shoppers are usually working with much larger budgets than direct customers. Firms make major purchases that require careful thought, consideration, comparison, and even discussion and collaboration.
  • There’s more risk involved in a B2B purchase. Businesses will be looking for clear information about what you’re offering so they can make the right choice and explain it to other departments or superiors.
  • Once committed, everyone wants to make a purchase quickly and have it go smoothly, but none so much as business customers. Business customers are far less likely to pay and hope for the best. Many prefer to work with a contact within a company rather than make a relatively anonymous online purchase.

Here’s how to start meeting these needs with B2B web design, without breaking the bank or completely changing your site.

Effective, Easy Website Design Changes

  • Put your services front and center.
    If they aren’t already prominent on your home page, make sure your services are clear from the very start. Don’t start with a slow burn. Go for an explosion! This applies to direct customers too, but, in our experience, it’s even more important when working with businesses. For a business, web browsing is always on the clock. Save your B2B customers time by giving them the information they want from the start, or risk losing them to a competitor who will.
    Consider that B2B clients are coming to your site for a reason. It’s not rude to get to the point. Your business customers may have been referred, they may have heard about your business through your marketing and advertising efforts, or perhaps they searched and found you. They are expecting information, so show them what they want to see immediately.
  • Put a call to action at the top of your homepage.
    The reasons for this are much the same as emphasizing your services. The business world is not the place to be coy or mysterious! A clear, large call to action tells visitors what you want them to do, which is far from pushy. It’s part of the protocol of B2B website design. Don’t make potential customers hunt for the next step or the next step will be away from your website.
  • Case studies and testimonials are a must.
    B2B companies want proof that you are reliable and that you offer good quality products or services. Business decision-makers often like to refer to good reviews when explaining or pitching purchasing decisions. When you can show that others in your industry have trusted you for their B2B needs, you position your business as an authority.
    If you don’t already have social proof on your site in the form of case studies and testimonials, prioritize them today. For every client that asks for social proof, many more click away. Displaying your testimonials and case studies shows that you’re proud of your work, which is an essential attitude for modern B2B website design.
  • Provide multiple avenues for communication. B2B buyers tend to be slower to make a decision, more likely to want to connect with someone one-to-one, and more likely to ask questions. They will also probably employ various communication methods to get in touch with their suppliers. Give your clients every opportunity to find you in the way they prefer. Provide a contact form, a phone number, live chat, and any other messaging or communication systems that make sense for your business.

These changes are our top picks for website design adjustments that you can implement quickly. They will help provide a strong return on your investment. Now consider whether your website could use further changes. Don’t let the scope of that potential work hold you back from improving your business for you and your clients. It’s not as daunting as it might sound, because professionals can make light work of B2B website design.

Go The Extra Mile

Working with a web design and marketing agency experienced specifically in B2B website design is critical if you have a B2B business! Our portfolio is full of B2B clients and the web designs we’ve created for them. We have what it takes to help your B2B organization thrive.

At David Taylor Design, we will make sure that we understand your specific needs and goals – and those of your business customers – so we can create a custom design. Web design isn’t just about what looks good, but what is effective. Our specialty lies in achieving both.

To learn more about what we do or to set up a quote for your B2B web design needs, give us a call at 973-317-8765, email info@davidtaylordesign.com, or contact us via our easy-to-use web form.