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Nov 2016

3 Things Every Great Website Design Company Should Do for You

Web design is a relatively new industry that’s been created throughout the past 10 years in direct response to the growth of the internet and the birth of digital media. There are thousands of individuals out there who have started their own... read more
Nov 2016

6 Hurdles Website Design Companies Often Face

1. Getting Approvals & Response Time: The number one cause in delay of a project is not receiving approvals on a phase or aspect of the project in a timely fashion. It can be difficult for website design companies to receive approvals quickly... read more
Oct 2016

3 Things Really Great Website Design Companies Refuse To Do

1. Use a Multisite Network The use of a Multisite Network is a huge indicator that this company is in to make a quick buck with as little effort as possible. These types of companies rely on templates which makes sites cheaper to design, but... read more
Sep 2016

5 Tips for Better Email Marketing Results

A lot of things have come and gone with the advent of smartphones and the progression of technology. Though there’s one thing that hasn’t changed much and will probably be around for many years to come, and that’s email.  Almost every person... read more
Aug 2016

What it Takes to Succeed at Online Fundraising

We all have seen the speed at which the internet has taken root in our lives in such a short timespan. Now, we can access this cyber universe from any device, in any place,  at any time. With this ease of entry comes a deluge of information,... read more
Aug 2016

Master Email Marketing for Your Nonprofit in 3 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve created a nonprofit organization, the to-do-list might seem never-ending. Your organization needs to promote itself efficiently while gaining support from the community and maybe even one day, from the world. One major marketing... read more
Aug 2016

How to Create the Ultimate Non-Profit Online Presence

With technology at the forefront of today’s industries, it’s imperative that businesses create a strong online presence. The necessity of an online presence isn’t just to build and maintain a website, but also to promote what your business... read more
Aug 2016

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Nonprofit’s Messaging

Nonprofits do the work that not everyone is capable of doing. Their focus isn’t on revenue, but on change and awareness for their cause. They can function thanks to generous donations and various funds that have been allotted to them, but often... read more
Jun 2016

Multisite Networks For Your Business Website – You Get What You Pay For

Some website design and development companies offer the creation of websites and hosting to their clients on what is called a Multisite network. This hosting option may be lower in cost initially, but it can prove to be a huge burden in the long... read more
Jun 2016

David Taylor Design Wins 3 National Web Design Awards

Oops, we did it again! There are very few times where one can confidently quote Britney Spears to highlight their accomplishments, but we believe this is one of them. That's because David Taylor Design has done it again, this time winning not... read more
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