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Sep 2018

What Is the Creative Process Behind Website Design?

Website design done well requires a lot more steps, planning, and thought than you might think. And while any professional web-design firm should be able to turn your business's vision, needs, and wants into an amazing website, they will also... read more
Aug 2018

How Important Is SEO When It Comes to My Website Design?

SEO (search engine optimization) and website design go hand-in-hand nowadays and as a result, more professional web-design companies are finding better ways to make both a priority. While a company's website really can be their bread and butter,... read more
Aug 2018

What Costs Are Associated with Custom Website Design?

Did you know that between 70% to 80% of people research a business's website before stepping foot in their physical location? This statistic alone shows the power of website design. All businesses, large or small, should have a website to act as the... read more
Aug 2018

What Level of Project Management Should My Website Design Team Provide?

Creating a clear milestone chart and managing tasks involved is a crucial step for undertaking any project, including website design. When it comes to website design, however, there are various items to take into consideration that will impact the... read more
Aug 2018

Should I Ask to See Previous Work Before Hiring a Website Design Team?

If you have a business or want to get more business, you need a website. But you don't just need a digital presence—you need to have a good one. Websites are the first chance your business has to make an impression on a potential client or... read more
Aug 2018

How Long Will it Take to Build Out My Company’s Website Design?

Creating a website design for your business may sound like a time-consuming and stressful project. Whether you're starting from scratch with a new business or product, or "simply" refreshing your existing site, there are so many different details to... read more
Jul 2018

Should My Website Design Team Take Care of My Website Maintenance?

After you receive a beautiful, perfectly functional website from your design team, all of the hard work is over right? Not so fast. Even after your website is up and running, maintenance is essential. Website design doesn't stop once you have a live... read more
Jul 2018

How Important is Marketing for IT Companies?

IT companies have a lot of opportunities today. Consumers expect top-notch technology in every facet of their lives. However, these endless opportunities promote a hyper-competitive field where all players need to be the best to succeed. So what can... read more
Jul 2018

Cloud Computing Marketing: Is It Necessary for Your IT Company?

In today's world, convenience is key for not only consumers but for businesses as well. With organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and many others thriving in the digital world, it is a wonder why more companies aren't... read more
Jul 2018

5 Things You MUST Do When Marketing for IT Companies

Although marketing for IT companies may seem intimidating, if done properly it is no more difficult than marketing for any other type of business. In fact, when it comes to marketing for IT companies, applying everyday marketing ideas to the IT... read more
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