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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

10 Games To Play On Zoom

Restrictions are beginning to lessen across the country but virtual happy hours are still in full force. Ramp up your next Zoom happy hour by playing one of these 10 games. Challenge your friends in trivia or get crushed by your grandma in bingo. There’s a little slice of happiness there for everyone.

Polar Bear Cub Twins Cam

You know the drill, it’s live animal cam time and this week we have polar bear cub TWINS. Does it get any cuter? I think not! Crank up the AC in your house, grab a bottle of Polar Seltzer, and just do like the PBCT do – chill. 

Level Up Your Life

NY Times Events

The New York Times hosts a slew of great virtual events, completely for free. They also have tons of past events that you can go back and enjoy in your leisure time. Continual learning is continual growth so get out there and start growing! 

Level Up Life…Literally

This website is actually called Level Up Life and it’s pretty darn genius. Create a free account and then you can “level” up your profile by completing real life challenges. Whether it’s as simple as “read a new book” or something more life changing like “throw your next birthday party at your local DMV”, this cool website is your brand new path to motivation.

For Business Owners & Managers

Free Marketing Tools

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Thanks to buffer.com we can have 41 free stuffs! Here are 41 free marketing tools available today for business.

The Future Of Restaurants

This is a great read, especially if you are a restaurant owner or manager. See how these owners are reinventing their business model to adapt with the changes brought on by Covid-19.

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