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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

TV Intros Recreated Using Only Stock Footage

The YouTube channel Matthew Highton is recreating the opening credit sequences of TV shows using only stock video footage…which is a lot more interesting to watch than you might think. Here are the iconic Friends, Happy Days, and an hilarious rendition of Duck Tales.

Live Animal Cams

This week we’re giving a shout out to the lesser-loved creatures out there. You know who we’re talking about. We’re talking about the honey bee hives of the world, the great flying foxes (that are actually flying bats), and yes, even this bird that we had no idea existed until today.

Level Up Your Lyfe

How To Read A Painting

This is an oldie but a goodie. Gone are the days of museum visits consisting of shrugs, confusion, and bewilderment among the hundreds of paintings you find yourself immersed in. Thou only need watch this video to enlighten thyself on the mysterious ways of classic art

Car Camping Checklist

As most travel is still restricted, we are back with more camping/weekend getaway tips! Here is a list of all of the essentials you’ll need when camping out of your car. Or you can just wing it and go with our favorite motto “When you camp out of your car, Taco Bell is never too far”. 

Tips For Business Owners & Managers

How Good Or Bad Is Your Website?

Inquiring minds want to know!  Our team at David Taylor Design is offering free website assessments for anyone interested in uncovering what may be holding your website back from generating quality sales leads, 24/7.  As they say, you don’t know what you you don’t know.

Top 4 Beginner Mistakes

Everyone is a beginner at some time in their lives. Especially when it comes to social media marketing. Luckily there are several articles to help mitigate the mistakes we make as we begin to take on new challenges. Here are the top 4 mistakes beginners make when starting a new Facebook Ad campaign.

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