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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Here at David Taylor Design, our aim is to present you quality ideas, information, and everything in between week in and week out. For this reason, we recently had to come to terms with a very sad but inevitable truth. This truth is of course that our live cams portion of Bright Ideas has run its course. There are just only so many live cams that one can stumble upon, and even if we found a few more, they probably wouldn’t have done this newsletter justice. Therefore, we present to you a new weekly regular. (drum roll please). The History of!

To kick things off we’ll start with a video that for months people have been asking us for. A real crowd favorite this one. The history of the Cheesecake Factory!

The Inside Scoop On The Wild World Of Youth Slang

OMG. Check out this totally crunk article we found on Youth Slang. TBH it’s pretty lit, filled with the latest tea on words and dope info. Don’t be salty and totes eye it b4 u get lost in translation bruh. YOLO. 

Some Good News

Possible Advances In Sanitization

R-Zero Systems is a startup that aims to bring hospital-grade disinfection to businesses like hotels and restaurants. Pretty good news towards a cleaner, safer future! 

Why Only Have One Margarita When You Can…

Have 12! The new triple spice margarita party can has caught our attention and we felt it only fair to share with all of you. It might not be as upscale as other margaritas but it just might be the perfect addition to your next backyard BBQ!

For Business Owners & Managers

What’s Wrong With Your Website?

Yours truly at David Taylor Design are still offering free website assessments for anyone interested. Your website might be amazing…or you might discover some surprising pitfalls. It’s free to find out either way.

Workout, It’s Good For Business!

Who knew working out could make you a better businessperson? Apparently there are even 7 ways it improves you as an entrepreneur! What’s that? Don’t have time to workout? We got you covered. Here is how to fit in a real workout when you only have 20 minutes a day

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