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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Ketchup! Or “catsup” for all of you Civil War era saloon keepers out there. It’s time to break out the 1st edition print of the Heinz Times and re-awaken your early 2000’s trauma associated with  the single biggest condiment atrocity in our modern history – green ketchup. 

Paul Rudd Doesn’t Age

But he does give good advice! But seriously, 51? Really!? What does this man eat and which god does he donate all of his aging skin cells to?

Get Outside Ya Couch Spud

Best Places To Experience Fall

We gotta admit, we’re suckers for these types of lists. This week we’re taking chowder off of the menu, refusing to watch the NE Patriots, erasing candlestick bowling from our memories, and instead saying screw you New England, you’re not the only beautiful place around to enjoy the Fall colors!

Fall, Ew, Yawn. Like, Why Even Bother Going Outside?

Because SCIENCE. Yes the article is from 2014, yes the phrase “The forest will make you happy” is a little bit creepy, but SCIENCE. Still don’t believe us? Well, then why don’t you just ask the SCIENTISTS!

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