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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Disney World! Secret speakeasies, Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen brain, and 65 years of all sorts of drama, all packed into a 4-minute video! 

Microsoft Paint…On Your Browser

A little bit of nostalgia, a little bit of creativity, a little bit of yelling at your mouse for slipping as you try to carefully finish your masterpiece. We give you Microsoft Paint, on your browser.

Snuggle Up With A Documentary

Surprising Philosophical Lessons, From An Octopus

Who knew such a simple movie could pack such a surprising emotional wallop. Beautiful South Africa, beautiful sea creatures, a relationship with an octopus that none of us saw coming.

Best 25 Documentaries On Netflix Now

Just in case soft-bodied, eight-limbed molluscs aren’t your cup of tea, here are 25 other fantastic documentaries available on Netflix right now. 

For Business Owners & Managers

How To Keep The Coronavirus At Bay Indoors

As this pandemic wages on, and as some of us return to the office, there has been a lot of mixed advice on how to best tackle the ventilation of indoor spaces. The NY Times debunks a few of these and offers some simple things you can do to keep your indoor spaces as safe as possible while avoiding gimmicky solutions.

Free Website Reports That Compare You With Your Competitors

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