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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Weird laws! Donkeys in bathtubs, handling salmon in suspicious circumstances, and Polish Winnie The Pooh memorabilia, because it’s…the law?

Bicycle Ballet

Check out this video of artistic cyclist Viola Brand doing all sorts of seemingly impossible bike tricks in…(checks notes) yupp, an ornate 17th century marble castle. 

The Thrillist Sometimes Has Brighter Ideas Than Us

Stay Outside This Winter, But Stay Warm!

Honestly, we thought portable heaters would be a lot pricier than this. We now all have zero reasons not to eat our supper outdoors as our cavemen ancestors did. Under the stars in the dark, brisk 30-degree air, roasting a fresh piece of caribou meat, alongside their 1500-watt Star Patio Electric Heater boasting 5100 BTU’s of pure unadulterated heat.

12 Places To Travel In October (and early November)

Pack your Star Patio Electric Heater in your car, it’s time for a road trip, or at the very least a quick trip to the drive-in movie theater. Here are 12 places you can travel to within the next few weeks to pumpkin-spice up your life. 

For Business Owners & Managers

Free Reports That Keep On Reporting

We are handing out FREE website reports like Halloween candy to anyone looking to find out how their site is performing on Google. Don’t get spooked by the unknown. Face your fears and find out what’s been hiding in your website’s basement and let the DTD Ghostbusters share some improvements that can be made to get an edge on your competition.

Good News For Facebook Ads

Facebook is removing its long-time, slightly frustrating “20% text rule”. This should give us advertisers & designers more creative control over our ad choices and more possibilities with experimentation. All good things!

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