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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Black Friday! From financial crisis to wild mobs stiff arming each other for BOGO crock pots and 200-inch televisions. Though, something tells us cyber monday is going to take the buying bonanza cake this year.

Extreme Ironing

Yeh, it’s a thing. If you want to skip the facts and get straight to the action, here is a wonderfully extreme compilation of this glorious, uh, sport. 

Winter Drinks With Special Guest, Tesla?

Belly Warmers

It’s about to get cold.  Really, really cold. When in winter there is no better time to do as the Inuits do – make hot drinks to warm up your hands, belly, and (for the alcoholic versions) brain. Here are 6 hot drinks that you can enjoy to get you through the winter season.

Tesla Tequila

Speaking of drinks. Tesla just released their own brand of tequila. The good news? It’s legit and already being sold. The bad news? It’s already sold out. Either way, you heard it here first! So if any of you get your paws on a bottle, feel free to invite us to your next agave soirée

For Business Owners & Managers

Stick It To Your Competition

David Taylor Design is dedicated to helping businesses maximize their marketing ROI to beat out their competition.  We continue to offer FREE website reports to anyone looking to find out how their site is performing on Google, its overall health, and any issues that may be keeping you from generating inbound sales leads. It’s a very Bright Idea and it’s completely free!

Show Your Thankfulness To Your Customers

With Thanksgiving around the corner, now is a great time to show some customer appreciation. Here are 10 ways your business can show some customer appreciation this Thanksgiving season.

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