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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Mad Men! There are quite a few competing stories behind this so we’ll let you make your own conclusions. Vice did a nifty little video on it here, you can check out a written article here, or if you want a longer, more in-depth video, you can check out the Take’s “take” on it here.

Christmas Games

Thanksgiving has come and passed, Black Friday was a blast, here are a few games to get you through the lull of waiting for Christmas. This one will keep you busy for about three minutes. This one will keep you busy for a lot longer. This one doesn’t load. And this one is for all of you puzzle lovers. 

Gift Cards For This Year, Oreos For Next

Wife Carrying

First off, there’s a .org site on this sport. There’s also a wikipedia page. There is also a Wife Carrying World Championship for which you have just over 200 days left to make reservations for. Apparently we’ve all been living under rocks while everyone else has banded together and done cool stuff like this!

Unicycle Hockey

On the flip-side, it looks like some of us who were living under rocks decided to build a tunnel to a subterranean gymnasium and start a new, wildly unnecessary sport called unicycle hockey

For Business Owners & Managers

Text Marketing – Annoying Or Effective?

When done correctly, text marketing can be a relatively inexpensive way to increase customer engagement and ROI on your overall marketing spend. Business.com explains this in detail and can help you decide if text marketing is a fit for your company.

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