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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Christmas Carols! Actually, it’s just an “evolutionary” montage of carols progressing from the oldest to the newest by this guy Peter with his boy band of…more Peters. It’s nothing if not entertaining! 

Christmas Bonus

Literary Hub released their list of the 89 best book covers of 2020. That alone should keep you busy for a few minutes, though we thought we’d throw in a Christmas bonus. Here is an extremely random but pleasing video we found and enjoyed and hope you do as well.

Ho Ho Holy S*@%, It’s Almost Christmas!

27 Things To Do During A Blizzard

Blizzard, nor’easter, Bomb Cyclone, whatever your reason is to stay inside, these 27 activities will certainly help pass the time with you and cooped-up kids. 

There’s Still Time For Gifts!

All of your gifts wrapped and ready to go, you sipping on your glass of homemade eggnog as you patiently await Christmas morning. Sound familiar? No, of course it doesn’t. How about driving to the liquor store Christmas morning to “grab a bottle of wine”, which roughly translates to “buying $40 worth of holiday scratch-offs for your family’s last-minute stocking stuffers”. Now THAT sounds familiar.  Either way we’ve got you covered. Check out the NY Times list of last-minute gifts here and Buzzfeed’s gift guide here.

For Business Owners & Managers

2021 User Interface Design Trends

Oohhhhh snappppp! This is right up our alley.  If you, or someone you know, owns a website (or app) it is certainly worth checking out. Lay your eyes on these 10 UI design trends for the coming year. Pretty snazzy eh?

Q1 2021 Is…

Right around the corner! Take advantage of our free website assessment to kick the year off with a clean, healthy website for your company. Find out what’s working and NOT working, areas that could use a little love, and leave with some solid recommendations that could have your site generating sales leads 24/7.

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