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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

The History Of…

Blockbuster! How we miss you so, Blockbuster. VHS, bucket popcorn, and late fees – curse you Netflix, we want our 90’s back! 

25 Best Films Of 2020

Spoiler alert, Borat 2 made it into the list

Two New Discoveries, One Cookie To Rule Them All

Karaoke On Digital Steroids

Smule is an app that lets you karaoke with your phone, tablet, or even apple TV. The twist is that you can connect with friends for a duet or group karaoke, or make new friends by connecting on songs you both love! There is also a practice feature to fine tune your singing chops.

Gluten Free Oreos

We’ll be damned, they are finally here. Words can’t describe our happiness. Our taste buds rejoice, our small intestines hug us with fervor from the inside, the world will never be the same. Let’s all take a moment to savor this moment…and maybe grab a tall glass of milk…and maybe cancel the rest of our meetings for the day.

For Business Owners & Managers

Budgeting Is For Dweebs

And dweebs are smart so we should listen to them! Rainy days will come and you should think of budgeting as “weather-proofing” your business. Add an extra umbrella to your office and give one of these 4 budgeting apps a shot for a week or two. They’re all free so there’s no risk, just potential unforeseen budget-saving rewards.

Google Is Like A Picky Hermit Crab

Never satisfied with it’s beautiful shell-home that we spent all afternoon looking for and always looking for the next best option. The same goes for websites, now is a better time than ever to try out our free website assessment to find out what’s working and what’s old news, explore areas that could use a little love, and leave with some solid recommendations that could have your website generating sales leads 24/7.

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