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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane


Holy cool…this is cool. Film is a “movie screenshot” search engine.  Type in “clock” and you get a ton of clock screenshots from famous movies. It even works with slightly weird queries like “whipped cream” or “Nicolas Cage turning down a film role”.

The History Of…

Swear words! Hosted by…you guessed it – Nicolas Cage! Netflix is just churning out gem after gem this year. 

In The News

The Best Law You’ve Never Heard Of

We may not live in Illinois, but this law gives hope for a brighter, less digitally-intrusive future. 


The creamiest of all of the gates. Apparently, in Canada, room temperature butter has been harder than usual to spread. A mere quirk, you might think? Wrong. This has been persisting for a few weeks and home cooks throughout the country are befuddled. You gotta hand it to the Canandians, nothing gets past them. And nothing gets past us either, hence your newfound knowledge of this Buttergate mini-crisis. 

For Business Owners & Managers

21 Trends For 2021

Check out this nifty site we happened to stumble upon. If you can’t find at least 1 trend to apply to your business or work life for the year, well then you’re just not very…trendy. 

March Is Here

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