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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Hobbies Created By The Pandemic

Apparently, the Great Depression led to many of the hobbies we enjoy now. This article highlights some new hobbies that our current pandemic has cultivated.

A Ruthless Ranking Of The 25 Best Muppets

Bert, Ernie, Gonzo, Big Bird and the rest of the gang. Find out where they ranked among NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour listeners. Spoiler: A bunch of them apparently have no respect for Big Bird. Who doesn’t love Big Bird?!?!

Procrastination Nation

Stop Motion Lego Cake

Why is this so pleasing to watch? There are 26 other videos like this on their channel at the time of writing this. 26 reasons for procrastination in any and all areas of your life. You’re welcome.

Cookie Clicker

Made it through all 27 of those stop motion videos? Fantastic, now you can finally…plan to take a sick day tomorrow. Introducing Cookie Clicker. Cookie Clicker is addicting. Cookie Clicker is gratifying. Cookie Clicker is wholesome. Cookie Clicker is life. 

For Business Owners & Managers

…That’s A Big List

Now that you’ve crushed Cookie Clicker (and probably your poor mouse), check out this list of over 400 free things for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Guess What We’re Still Offering?

Free website health audits! Duh! Give it a shot while you still can, as it truly is very useful. Word on the street is that next month we’ll be offering free DTD-branded VCRs, which sound a lot…less useful.

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