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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Where Do Company Names Come From?

This wikipedia list of company name etymologies is as amazing as it is vast. Tons of great stuff: Samsung – means 3 stars in Korean, GEICO actually stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, and Volvo – means “I roll” in Latin! 

Freaky Deaky Optical Illusion

You can read the instructions under the image, but basically you stare at the center and your brain immediately begins to deceive you. Freaky deaky, our brain be so sneaky. 

You Are Knot Prepared

Learn How To Tie

You Bunch Of Grannys

For Business Owners & Managers

17 Best Marketing Extensions

If you use Google Chrome, then boy do we have a treat for you. Here are the best 17 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

The Countdown Is On

Soon we’re only going to offer DTD branded mini bean bag chairs. So mini, in fact, that they might be considered unusable by some…either way get your free website health audits while you still can! 

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