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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

25 Edits That Define the Modern Internet Video

This is great. We knew people were getting creative on video platforms, but to see it laid out like this is something else.

The Useless Web

Don’t ask questions. Just click.

Quick Laughs To Share With Your Coworkers

Sexy Cat

In keeping with the spirit of creative video content. We present to you, this 6-second wonder. Sexy cat.

Silly Walk

I guess all of the creative juice goes towards the videos because the creators put zero effort into these titles. Anyway, here is Silly walk.

For Business Owners & Managers

Hubspot? Or Not To Hubspot?

That is the question! It’s a question we are getting asked more and more regularly. For the majority of the businesses we work with, the answer is yes. Here is a great article that should answer most of your Hubspot questions.

Website Report? Or Not To Website Report?

We both know the correct answer to this deeply philosophical question. Get them while they’re hot, get them before they’re not…around anymore. Which will probably be soon. Seriously. Sometime in the near future. Any day now.

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