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Bright Ideas 68

We are back with more interesting information that we hope you can benefit from or, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Play Retro Games

For Free! The loading times are a little slow, but the wait is well worth it. Thousands of games all in your browser. 64-bit never felt so good.

Red-Tailed Hawks Got Crazy Neck Skills

Or impeccable head stabilization if you want to be like, smart about it or whatever.

Have No Fear, DTD Is Here

Lost Your Vaxx Card?

Fear not! NJ has made everyone’s vaccination record attainable via a new smartphone app. Happy traveling!

Afraid Of Unusual Things?

EEEEK! Here is a huge list of phobias to help you perfectly categorize your unusual fears!

For Business Owners & Managers

The Year Is…

2046. Honey Boo Boo is president, Taco Bell is now considered fine dining, Google Glass still hasn’t caught on, and DTD is still offering free website reports. All is good in the world.

Coupons For Businesses

This is more sort of a life hack than a specific tool or software. Once a week just check out this page on Groupon, you may find something useful at a discount. Now get back to work!

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