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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane


Do you have a movie quote stuck in your head but you can’t seem to remember where it’s from? Well, there’s a website for that. Type a quote into PlayPhrase and it will automatically generate movie scenes where that quote is found. Magic!

Mt. Everest 3D

Looking to climb Mt. Everest but you’re just simply TOO busy with other things? Like you TOTALLY could climb Everest if you had time, you just don’t have enough time. Yeh, us too. Luckily there’s this super nifty website which lets you take a 3D tour of the range and track other (less busy) people climbing the big E.

Have No Fear, DTD Is Here

Monkey Magic Trick

Here is a monkey seeing a magic trick.

Classic Animal Humor

Best of BBC Talking Animals.

For Business Owners & Managers

Business Showers

A business is sort of like a baby. You give it a name, care for it, nurture its growth, and it costs a ton of money. We have baby showers, so why not “business showers”. You know, this might just catch on.

Roses Are Red…

Violets are blue. This website health report is free. Rhyming is hard.

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