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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Taco Bell Is Raising The Bar

By adding in 4 drive thru lanes and another floor to your Taco Bell experience! The only downside is that it is all the way in Minnesota. Live mas Minnesota, Live mas.

Tokyo Trains Don’t Go “Ding Dong”

Instead, each subway stop has their own dedicated, custom-composed melody! Let’s start a petition to apply this to the NYC subway system!

The Relaxation Station

Looking For A New Desktop Background?

Check out Mikko Lagerstedt’s photography gallery. It’s dreamy, eerie, atmospheric, beautiful, and a hundred other adjectives that still wouldn’t do these justice.

Mesmerizing Stop Motion

We would say this guy’s stop motion skills are…unmatched?

For Business Owners & Managers

How Are Google’s New Updates Affecting Your Business?

Great question! Get the low down on all of the recent changes Google has implemented and what you should do to stay ahead of the curve and competition here.

Opinions Are Like…

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