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Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Bird Nest Cam + Chicks!

Check out this video of an Eurasian Blue Tit building its nest from scratch. Check out this longer video if you want to watch the family grow and eventually leave the nest.

Not All Falls Are Created Equally

Philosopher Martin Heidegger described human existence as a process of perpetual falling. In “The Struggle To Right Oneself”, Kerry Skarbakka demonstrates this masterfully through a series of carefully arranged images. 

The Storm Cellar

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

As hurricane season is upon us, knowing what to stock up on to prepare for a worst-case scenario is always helpful. Here are 11 things you should consider picking up at the store before a major hurricane.

How To Prepare For A Tornado

For all of you living out in Tornado country, here is a recent article with 8 tips to help you prepare for tornado season.  Sidenote – Turns out there are tornados in Maryland!

For Business Owners & Managers

Don’t “Fall” Asleep

Summer is over and your website still hasn’t gotten a health check. You really autumn do it. Don’t fall behind your competitors. Harvest the tools at hand to squash your competition.

Advertising On Youtube

It’s a great platform. We use it, you use it, we all use it. Though should you use it for advertising purposes? This article should help you answer this tough question.

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