COVID-19 has got the majority of us stuck inside which has brought its share of difficulties. Whether it be with work, with family, or with your own sanity, life from the inside will require some changes to keep everything running smoothly.

We are facing these same difficulties and thought it might be helpful to share some information we found useful to us to help you through these challenging times.

Tips For Your Family

How To Keep Your Kids Busy

Here is a super quick article on how to keep your kids busy during this quarantine period. So quick, so easy. What’s up next?

Spring Cleaning

Get your kids to do it! That’s our super quick advice on Spring Cleaning. If you want a much more thought-out and practical plan on the matter, see this 5 Spring Cleaning Tips article.

Toilet Paper Calculator

Wondering how much toilet paper your household will need during any potential lockdowns? Behold, the Toilet Paper Calculator! Just choose the number of family members and the number of days you suspect to remain in isolation and voila! Easy as 1-T-P.

Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is an extension for your Chrome browser that allows you to simultaneously stream Netflix with all your friends. There is also a group chat feature so you and your friends can make comments on what you’re watching in real time. Virtual friends unite!

Virtual Museum Tours

USA Today listed 12 museums that offer virtual tours in lieu of being closed to the public, and this list is full of heavy hitters. Want to tour America’s largest private museum, The Met? BAM. Or is the MoMa more your speed? BAM. “Oh, but everyone’s been to NYC”. Ok, how about some Frida Kahlo in Detroit? BAM. Van Gogh in Chicago? BAM. Georgie O’Keeffe in Sunny Santa Fe? BAM. Middle Ages morbid and merry art, in that order? BAM. BAM. We’re tempted to list out all 12 here, but we think you get the point.

Penguin Cam

The reality TV fix you didn’t know you needed: The Penguin Cam is a live feed of Macaroni & Gentoo Penguins, provided by the wonderful folks at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Now, you are probably wondering how it took you this long in life to discover the existence of Macaroni Penguins. And if you’re like us, you also probably already have names and meticulous backstories for all of these adorable tuxedo’d torpedos. Anywho, to our knowledge, the Penguin Cam runs 24-hours – so let the DRAMA begin!

Tips for Business Owners and Managers

Add a COVID-19 Message to your Website

If you haven’t already, it is a good idea to add an important COVID-19 message to your website home page. Let your visitors link to a page or message explaining your business’s response and actions to support your business and customer needs.

Email your customers and clients

In these trying times, it is even more important to stay in communication with your customers and clients. Share information about how you are here to support their needs or otherwise. Offer any helpful information you wish to share, we are all in this together.

Use this downtime to find ways to grow your business

There is a silver lining to the downtime we are all facing. So many business owners and team members have great ideas that never turn into action. Now is the time to make a list of things you can do to keep your business and lines of communication open with your customers and clients. Dust off those ideas sitting on the back burner and revisit your marketing plan based on the new economy we’re in. The time is now to plan for the future!

Want to discuss some ideas you have or not sure where to start? We are here to help.

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