COVID-19 continues to keep the majority of us stuck inside, and we all continue to face difficulties with work / life balance.

We’ve spent some more time searching for information that we hope you can benefit from or, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Alpaca Kappa Kappa

That’s right, we just started a new greek organization based around all things alpaca. What came first – the alpaca wedding or the alpaca live cam? Who cares?! Here at Alpaca Kappa Kappa we don’t bother with semantics, we just pledge our never-ending love for alpacas and all of the joy they bring.

Virtual Instruments

Ok, here’s the plan. You’re going to get really good at one of these virtual instruments, and then on your first day back in the office you are going to FLOOR your co-workers with a magnum opus that will bring everyone to tears. Or, you can just annoy them so much, they wish you’d been furloughed (YIKES!). You’ll be a legend either way. Keyboard. Drums. Geetar. Tuba.

News Jersey

Move Over Delaware, There’s A New 1st State In Town

It was recently announced that New Jersey will be the first state in the nation to incorporate climate change education across its K-12 learning standards. Save the Trees – YAY!, Save our Oceans – YES, PLEASE!  Save our Planet – NO BRAINER!  The only downside is that we’ll probably have to change our intra-work basketball league team name from “Acid Rain” to something more fitting. 

New Jersey Isn’t Boring

We were going to list a bunch of fun stuff to do in NJ, but why go through the hassle when there is already a whole website dedicated to exactly that? We present to you – New Jersey Isn’t Boring, as if we didn’t know that already. 

For Business Owners & Managers

A Pair Of Protocols

Protocol is hosting the Transformation Of Work Summit – a summit on how the working world is shifting and what skills will be necessary to thrive in it. Also from Protocol – What Is Driving Innovation In Ecommerce

Sales Tips From Harvard

The Harvard Business Review presents us with 4 questions sales leaders should ask themselves. In other news, the Aardvark Business Review is suing Harvard for copyright infringement. Zoinks!

Want to discuss some ideas you have or not sure where to start? We are here to help.

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