COVID-19 continues to keep the majority of us stuck inside, and we all continue to face difficulties with work / life balance.

To that end, we are back with more snippets of information that we found useful during these challenging times and hope you will too.

Tips To Avoid Getting Bamboozled

Coronavirus Fake News

Misinformation will always permeate the Internet; It’s simply unavoidable. The same can be said about Rick Astley videos. The difference between the two is that sharing (and further spreading) Rick Astley videos is widely regarded as a good thing. Here is a running list of Coronavirus fake news that are all 100% replaceable with Rick Astely videos, of which you can share as many times as you like.

COVID Scams To Avoid

Unfortunately, even in our current situation there are still fraudsters out there trying to make a quick buck at our expense. Here is an article with tips to help you avoid fake email campaigns. And here is an article on other Covid scams to be aware of. 

Coronavirus Price Gouging

Product shortages are wilder than ever. Toilet paper? GONE. Hand sanitizer? GONE. Frozen Pizza? GONE. Pancake mix? Oddly enough, GONE. In a time of widespread shortages, people need pancakes and people need to be aware of price gouging. Look here for some sage advice to help keep you in the know.

Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Recipes With Ingredients You Probably Already Have

This is a great time to level-up your cooking skills, if not more out of necessity than anything. It’s also a great time to avoid public places. Good news for you, we found an article that has 35 Tasty Pantry Recipes That Make The Most Of Ingredients You Already Have At Home! Long title, short recipes.

Free, Simple Meditations

We’re sure everyone has their full share of stress right now. One thing we like to do is take a few minutes each day to reset and remind ourselves that life is still good. A super quick and easy way to go about this is by implementing these 5 minute meditations. Give it a shot! Worst case scenario is if you’ll feel exactly the same and you can go back to watching Penguin Cam! Or Rick Astley videos.

Jellyfish Cam

I don’t think you’re ready…for this Jelly Cam. Granted, this live feed won’t have as much DRAMA as the Penguin Cam or Kitten Cam we recently shared with you, but it is deserving nonetheless. This is the perfect feed to put up on your side monitor to promote relaxation throughout the day. Sometimes we all can use a few minutes to just Jell out.  

Resources for Business Owners and Managers

Boost Team Morale

It’s as important as ever to stay connected, but that doesn’t only have to be during work hours. A virtual happy hour can do wonders to boost team morale and relieve some of the day to day stress we all experience.

Plan For The Future

Hard times now can lead to prosperous futures. If you have a few minutes during the day to set aside, this is a great read for business owners in times of recession. 

Marketing Tips During Covid

In the same token as the above tip, another way to focus on the future is with marketing. This is a great short article which explains why marketing is almost more important during an economic downturn.

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