COVID-19 continues to keep the majority of us stuck inside, and we all continue to face difficulties with work / life balance.

We’ve spent some more time searching for information that we hope you can benefit from or, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

Inspiration For The Youngster Nation

Sleepover At The Museum

Watch the NY Philharmonic perform our client Karen LeFrak’s new musical composition that accompanies her latest children’s book “Sleepover at the Museum”. Snuggle up with your whippersnapper/s and learn what kind of crazy adventures unfold when you stay the night at a museum full of natural history!

Lunch Doodles

Tired of watching your kids lick the glue off their macaroni art? So are we, and after some diligent research we came across Lunch Doodles. Eat some lunch, learn how to draw some pretty cool doodles, and kiss your weekly expenditure on Elmer’s glue goodbye! 

The Cool Homeschool Tool

Teach your teenyboppers how to get smart with art! With over 100 art games, printable puzzles, and a bunch of other resources we’re too lazy to list here, Artsology is a great way to mix up your homeschooling syllabus. 

Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Virtual Drinking Games

Here are 8 drinking games you can play virtually with your friends. We were going to wait until next week to give you 8 drinking games on our 8th eblast, but like c’mon. Who are we kidding?


Sweet sassy molassy, Santa is real and we have the reindeer to prove it! We also found this Loch Ness cam though it doesn’t seem too riveting. We’ll keep our eye out for some more rare-sighting live feeds. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll find one for someone really elusive, like the Tooth Fairy or Freddie Prinze Jr.

Totally Unrelated Semi-Interesting Things

Lego sculpture that looks like it shouldn’t work but it works – BAM. Make your own ice cream without an ice cream machine – YUM. 94-year-old gymnast parallel bar routine – WOW. Weird robot monkey capturing footage of real monkeys hanging out in a natural spa – Sure?

For Business Owners & Managers

The Ultimate Small Biz WFH Guide

Forbes at it again with another great article full of tips on how to get the most out of your small business while working from home.

Informed Delivery By USPS

This is more of a general tip but can be utilized for business if your business mail is currently being mailed to your house. Informed Delivery emails you pictures of the mail getting shipped to your house before it even arrives. Pretty neat stuff.

Business Survival Guide

This business survival guide by is not only comprehensive but updated regularly. We personally check this page out once a week to see any new additions that could be useful to us.

Want to discuss some ideas you have or not sure where to start? We are here to help.

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