COVID-19 continues to keep the majority of us stuck inside, and we all continue to face difficulties with work / life balance.

We’ve spent some more time searching for information that we hope you can benefit from or, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

Worth A Read

Covid Risks – What To Know, What To Avoid

This is a very informative article on the risks of exposure to the Covid disease and how to avoid them. As states and communities around the country slowly begin to re-open, this guide can be put to good use to keep us all that much more vigilant and safe. 

Local Real Estate Anyone?

If you were planning on listing or buying a property prior to this pandemic then this article is a must read. In fact, now is the perfect time to spruce up your house for future buyers or to take some virtual tours of future prospect homes. 

Where To Buy New Face Masks

Masks are like socks. They are just bound to disappear in the dryer or under the couch. Or worst of all, they could get a super annoying hole that your toe somehow always finds a way through and then that same toe gets cold while the rest of your foot is warm or if it’s in the summer it gets hotter than the rest of your foot which is equally as annoying it’s like make up your mind already toe and get with the program! But whew…anywho, here is a list of places that sell new masks online so you can stay stocked up! 

Fun Stuff To Keep You Sane

Bored. Children. Wreak. Havoc.

In an effort to lower the overall anarchy of your living room arrangement we present to you 125 things to do with your kids. There’s a lot of options and we’re pretty sure they stole some of them from our Bright Ideas, but who’s counting? Hint: We are.

9 Weeks Of Live Cams

It’s our 9th edition of Bright Ideas, they say cats have 9 lives, and surely all of us are still experiencing nightmares from the new film rendition of Cats, so it’s only natural that this week we turn our obsession with live cams towards….puppies. So cute, so adorable, so needed right meow.

Restock Your Bar Without Ever Leaving Your Bar

You heard us right folks. Thanks to amazing services like Minibar, Drizly, and Winc, you can have wine, beer, and liquor delivered to your door in a blink! This weekend you can sleep easy at your speakeasy. 

For Business Owners & Managers

Request Some Reviews

This is a good time to garner some reviews for your business as most businesses, and also most clients, have a little more time on hand than they normally would. Put together a list of clients and reach out to each of them individually for a Google review. Here’s a tip straight from Google on how to create a link for your clients to click, making the whole process that much easier. 

Work Life Hacks

Our #1 work life hack is to have a good work-life balance, though sometimes that’s easier said than done. Here are 10 other work life hacks to help make your work life more effective and perhaps even a bit more enjoyable. 

60 Tips For Success

It’s a long read and despite the title there are actually 61 tips. Luckily, their math skills aren’t a reflection of the quality of advice in this beast of an article

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