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Clarification Of Messaging And Design Increases Donations For National Collaborative Health Equity

Clarification Of Messaging And Design Increases Donations For National Collaborative Health Equity


National Collaborative for Health Equity:


National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE) is a nonprofit that is on a mission to provide equal living and health conditions despite a population’s race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. NCHE was awarded a grant for re-branding purposes including a website, logo modifications, and logo creations for their newer program Collaborative for Health Equity (CHE).


NCHE’s old website was outdated, unorganized, and overwhelmingly overflowing with complicated content that was tarnishing their mission. Their mission and goal were not clearly stated on the website, so the visitors had to dig through and decode the site in order to figure out what NCHE is and who are they benefitting. NCHE is targeting those that hold a government position in which they can implement the changes that they are presenting. However, with their old website NCHE was struggling to be taken seriously. NCHE was losing donations and support rapidly, most likely due to their complicated messaging and limited website.


A simple modification to the orientation and color of the NCHE logo helped the brand tremendously. The previous logo seemed a bit awkward in terms of layout which resulted in awkward placement and giving the visitor a “something isn’t right” vibe. This type of modification can easily be corrected and makes a huge impact.

NCHE needed a completely new website along with rewritten copy. David Taylor Design provided the copywriting to clearly, concisely, and effectively portray the message of NCHE. Once the copy was established the design and development phase took place. The layout of the content was precise and strategically placed to entice the visitors to the content they are looking for. The visitor could be looking to donate, learn more about the organization, or be a member seeking hidden documents; all can be found easily.


Since the launch of the website, NCHE has been able to collect more donations, receive an increase in recognition in the public, and have a professional website that they are proud to send contributors to.

The members that participate in the NCHE efforts can find their shareable, secure documents via a login portal. Moreover, these branding efforts impress government officials who are thus more inclined to support their cause.


Clear messaging can make or break a nonprofit. If a visitor cannot understand what the organization does within 15 seconds – they lose their audience and their support. It is more important than ever to have a professional website to solidify the credibility of your brand. This is especially crucial if you are seeking to gain donations; visitors won’t contribute if they are concerned for their identity or of credit card information being stolen on the website.

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