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David Taylor Design Helps College Men’s Club Increase Donations By Over 20%

David Taylor Design Helps College Men’s Club Increase Donations By Over 20%


College Men’s Club of Westfield –


The College Men’s Club of Westfield is a community group of men that raises money for struggling young men looking for financial support to go to college. They also can provide assistance in funding their SAT preparations. CMC strictly supports young men living in Westfield, NJ.


The reputation of CMC was not reflected through their current marketing efforts. Their logo and website was severely outdated which gave the public a questionable impression on their legitimacy. CMC wanted to accept donations from the community not only through events but also through their website. Also, CMC wanted to use the website as a tool to accept and organize their applications for both SAT prep and collegiate scholarships. CMC lacked the content to define their message clearly and concisely in order to assure the visitors that the money is going to a good cause.


We created a new logo that was unique, professional, and symbolized the services they perform. Along with this, we created a website that was fresh, modern, sleek, easy to navigate and multifunctional, with the ability to easily update the announcements for their latest events, news, and gatherings. Finally, we included multiple functionalities in the back end so that CMC has the ability to use the site as a resource tool for the organization as well. The website is now able to process donations which automatically funnel into the CMC account.


David Taylor Design was successfully able to satisfy the needs, requests, and expectations of CMC. Their new website was a huge hit within the community, and their new logo and look represented their success. CMC was able to easily accept online donations, and as a result, increased their donations by 20%.


Outdated websites and branding materials can significantly drag down an organization’s image within a matter of seconds. First impressions are key when one is trying to process, accept, or manage transactions on their website. Visitors are less likely to give money to a great cause if they are nervous about the legitimacy of the software that is processing the transactions. This is why it is vital for nonprofits to represent their cause clearly and in a professional manner to engage visitors.

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