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Oct 2018

Graphic Design Solutions That Will Help Your Business Stand Out

Image is important to businesses. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to create an effective image that sticks. That's why graphic design solutions are a business's best friend. From symbols, images, and text, graphic designers can create remarkable... read more
Dec 2017

The Importance Of Branding For Profit And Nonprofit Businesses

When it comes to building your business, it is necessary to create a brand that will encompass all aspects, qualities, and goals of that business. A brand is the identity of your business, and it is used to help it stand out among a crowd. The brand... read more
Dec 2016

5 Questions a Great Website Design Company Should Ask You

Designing a website certainly has its challenges. Choosing an appropriate look and feel for the website, understanding the industry and any competitors, and taking time to understand your needs so that the website reflects the unique voice of your... read more
Nov 2016

6 Hurdles Website Design Companies Often Face

1. Getting Approvals & Response Time: The number one cause in delay of a project is not receiving approvals on a phase or aspect of the project in a timely fashion. It can be difficult for website design companies to receive approvals quickly... read more
Jul 2016

Why Your Nonprofit Logo Is Crucial to Your Success

When it comes to a company’s identity and expression, the logo design says everything that a customer needs to know. A crucial part of a company’s branding, the company logo serves as a visual mouthpiece for the brand itself and can be the... read more
Apr 2016

When it comes to logos, what is the difference between a mark and text treatment?

Text treatment seems to be the forgotten stepchild when people think of logos. Most people seem to jump on the idea of needing a mark or symbol, but ignore the other option of having text treatment. Never underestimate the powers of text treatment!... read more
Mar 2016

How do you want your company to be known? Make your logo count

As some of you may know, we are in the process of rebranding ourselves to match our new-found growth. Business is booming and it is time for a facelift! Here at David Taylor Design, our job is to help clients promote themselves through the latest... read more
Jan 2016

Choosing the right colors for your logo

Colors, colors, colors. Warm colors? Cool colors? Bright colors? Dark colors? How do you know which colors are most appealing to your audience, clients, customers, or investors? If you want to sell your products or services, knowing the answer to... read more
Jan 2016

How to get a logo design that people will remember

When it comes to logo design,  There seem to be just as many themes to choose from as there are colors in a color wheel. Retro? Futuristic? Old fashioned? Artistic? Contemporary? Where do I begin?! Don’t be scared! David Taylor Design has over... read more
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