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Category: Website Design

Jan 2021

10 Industrial Web Design Tips For 2021

Good industrial website design will not only be visually appealing, but it will also be flawlessly functional. You don’t have to have a hugely complex website with video clips and animations. They might help, but employing the “keep it simple”... read more
Sep 2020

SEO & Web Design And How They Complement Each Other

Nowadays, almost all businesses have an online presence, but not all websites are created equally. Some draw you in immediately with their looks while others make you want to throw your laptop out of the nearest window. The difference between a... read more
Mar 2020

Website Design For Manufacturing Companies

Website design for manufacturing companies is specific. Or at least, it should be. If you’re looking at a digital marketing agency that is offering you an off-the-shelf solution for your manufacturing company, you’ve reached this blog post just... read more
Feb 2020

Can Your Website Design Really Make or Break Your Business?

Websites have had to step up their game with the boom of online business over the past several years. Not only do companies have to bring out all the stops in physical stores, advertising, and marketing campaigns, but their website must also be... read more
Jan 2020

NJ Real Estate Marketing | SEO, Advertising, Web Design

SEO, advertising, and web design are especially important for real estate marketing. Whether you need one or you need it all, we can handle it. David Taylor Design has the expertise to handle all aspects of real estate marketing in... read more
Nov 2019

B2B Web Design Changes That You Can Make Today

B2B organizations require B2B website design. If you hadn’t thought about your website like this before, it may benefit from an overhaul. This is good news. Any changes that make your B2B website more B2B-centric should improve your sales, leads,... read more
Nov 2019

2020 Website Trends | What To Consider For The New Year

We don’t recommend that you keep up with your competition. We’d like to see you get ahead! Take a look at these three 2020 website trends and make sure that your business website is already in line with these recommendations. Getting your... read more
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