clifton seoWe can define SEO as boosting traffic to a website by influencing organic search engine results. But what does SEO really seem like to you? For many Clifton businesses and individuals, handling  search engine optimization is as demanding as spinning plates – plates full of red hot spaghetti.

As a professional SEO agency, however, we will mitigate any difficulty you may run into. We spin SEO plates day in and day out so that you don’t have to. There’s no mess, just more traffic and driving page views into sales conversions for your business with targeted, Clifton SEO.

Take a look at what’s on the menu regarding local SEO. Then we’ll tell you what we can do for you, in both Clifton and in all of New Jersey if you like. Our goal is for you to get on with what you do best while leaving the SEO to us.

Local SEO Features

Of the many elements that go into local SEO, let’s talk about two things that will make a massive difference for your business in NJ: site speed and backlinking. As attention spans get shorter and technology advances, site speed is increasingly important. And we find that backlinks are one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood aspects of local SEO.

Site Speed The Daily Egg has a site speed rule dubbed the 15-second rule. Can you see where this is going? Yes, you’ve got 15 seconds at most before your beloved visitors will click away for the next shiny object, whether that’s a cat video, quotes from Albert Einstein, or your competitor in Clifton whose site works faster.

Your bounce rate refers to how many people didn’t look at multiple pages before leaving (bounce). On the surface, it’s great to have a massive number of page views, but it can be disheartening to realize that those visitors only stay on your site for a few seconds before clicking away. If people aren’t spending time on your website, you have a problem.

Fortunately, we know many ways to improve the functionality of a site and improve its bounce rate. As well as helping our clients populate their sites with better content, we also help them optimize their websites for use via mobile devices. This is particularly important because so many people use mobile devices when they are performing local searches. Among other things, we’ll check out the navigation and image sizes to reduce page load times. Responsive design and mobile web optimization can greatly improve site speed.

Backlinking/Quality of Links – If a website with authority links to your website, this boosts your ranking in search engine results pages. Getting backlinks can be challenging, but it’s very worthwhile. Quality links to your site (i.e., links from quality websites) make a big difference in how Google perceives your business.

How do we acquire backlinks? One of the ways we achieve this is to create or help you create great content for your site. People are more likely to link to you if you offer something valuable. We’ll use tried and tested techniques to acquire backlinks that are relevant to your location, as these will help your business be more visible in Clifton. We’ll examine your existing links and will suggest severing any that are harming your popularity rather than raising it.

Google My Business – if you have a brick and mortar location, it’s vital to appreciate the importance of your physical location. There is a lot of talk about digital marketing and eCommerce, but this doesn’t mean that businesses should forget their geography. To get local business, you need to put your business on the electronic map.

Most important is to get your business on Google Maps, via creating a profile with Google My Business. This will help people find you when they search for businesses like yours near them. If Google doesn’t know about your business in a specific location, we’ll make sure they get the message so that your potential customers can connect with you.

We Create Custom Clifton SEO Packages

Digital marketing involves many elements. Fortunately, we are masters at prioritization. We can inform you of the changes that will reap the best rewards for your business. Our experience and expertise allow us to create custom packages for our clients. We can adjust our offering to your needs and your budget.

Whether you want to target Clifton or include surrounding areas, just let us know. We will tailor your SEO to deliver the results you want. And we can discuss your business and your customers with you so that we can identify business opportunities and make sure that your website is making the most of these with targeted, strategic, Clifton SEO.

How Can We Help?

We have worked with many clients in Passaic county, so working with us will not be like working with any other digital marketing company. Our local knowledge and our approach to providing custom marketing plans according to the unique needs, desires, and budgets of our clients make us your top choice for personalized SEO service in Clifton and the surrounding area.

Our experts are looking forward to your call. If you’re ready to pick up the business that you’ve been missing on your doorstep, call us today. We’ll put you on the map and send organic traffic your way with high-quality, specialized Clifton SEO.