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A Guide To Digital Marketing For Construction Companies

digital marketing construction companies blueprint

Imagine booking new clients and growing your revenue consistently. It may sound like a dream, but you can make it happen. Digital marketing for construction companies is the perfect option. Not only can you get consistent clients, but you won’t have to pay for expensive traditional ads. Then, you can increase your profit margin and grow even more. Keep reading to learn more.

digital marketing construction companies blueprintBuild an Engaging Website

One of the most important steps for digital marketing for construction companies is to build a good, usable website. Your website should look nice and be easy to read and navigate. Include the following pages so that your website can help market your business for you:

  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Gallery
  • Services
  • Testimonials

Your about and contact pages can tell clients about you and how to schedule a project. Your gallery and testimonials can show the work you’ve done and how others think about your business. A service page details what you offer and how you can help people. And your blog page gives you a chance to post articles to educate people on construction and similar topics.

Focus on SEO

As you work on your website, you should focus on search engine optimization (SEO). Whenever you write the content for a page or blog post, consider a keyword for that page. Then, you can optimize the content using that keyword, which can help the page rank for that keyword. When someone searches for construction services, your website might come up. You should also focus on local SEO to help attract local customers who will be more likely to book your services. Then, you won’t attract people across the country.

Start a Blog

Having a blog is one of the best digital marketing ideas for a construction company. You can post on the blog once per month or once per week. Each blog post can educate visitors on your services or why they should hire a construction business. When brainstorming blog posts, consider what keywords you can use to optimize the posts.

Then, each post can bring in traffic from various search terms. You can include links to your services and contact pages within a blog post, which can help you book more clients and projects.

Set Up an Email List

Another fantastic construction company marketing strategy is to use an email list. Use a tool, such as Mailchimp, to start the list and collect emails.

Then, you can send a regular newsletter to your subscribers to share updates or special deals. Even if someone doesn’t need your services now, they can sign up, and they may contact you when they do need to hire you. Sending regular emails lets you stay on top of mind for your potential clients. Emails don’t have to be long, so you don’t need to spend a ton of time writing them each week.

Get on Social Media

Social media networks are essential when it comes to digital marketing for construction companies. You can use social media to attract potential clients, and you can network with vendors and other businesses. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms you can use to find clients. Nextdoor is another great option to focus on local people.

No matter where you set up an account, you can post and share links to your website and blog posts. Then, you can get traffic and build relationships with potential clients.

Implement a Video Strategy

If you want to make your construction company stand out, you should use video. Take videos of your construction projects at each stage, then edit and upload them to YouTube. Then, you can share the videos on your website and social media. A good video can give potential clients an idea of what you can do and how you can help them.

Video is also a great way for clients to get to know you and your team. That can help people feel better about contacting you since they can learn more about you.

Partner With Vendors

One of the most underrated digital marketing tips is to partner with complementary businesses, such as hardware stores. You can form a partnership and promote it on your website and social media. Your partners can promote your business as part of their digital marketing strategy. Then, you may be able to get customers for each other, so you can grow your business.

Of course, you don’t want to partner with other construction companies. But think about companies that your clients may need to work with and partner with them.

Use Ads Strategically

Paid advertising can be an excellent way to get traffic, but you should be careful. Before you start spending money on ads, make sure you can target your ideal clients. Focus on advertising to people in your area so that you don’t waste your money. You can also use retargeting to advertise to people who have visited your website or followed you on social media.

Those people have already interacted with your business, so the chance of them converting is higher than a cold lead. Focusing your ads on retargeting can help you make the most of your ad budget.

Track Your Analytics

No matter which digital marketing tips you use, you should look at your analytics. You can install Google Analytics on your website, and many social networks give you access to data.

Analytics can show you where you get the most social media followers and website traffic. If you calculate your total website visits and your number of bookings, you can then figure out your conversion rate. That way, you can determine which strategies are working well for lead generation and sales. If something isn’t working well, your analytics can tell you so that you can fix it.

Reviewing Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

Digital marketing for construction companies is essential for booking new projects. But there are tons of things you can try, and not all of those strategies will work. Consider some of the best digital marketing ideas to help you get more leads and clients. Then, you can grow your business without a ton of stress.

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