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Graphic Design Solutions You Haven’t Thought of for Your Website

Graphic Design Solutions You Haven’t Thought of for Your Website

Graphic Design Solutions You Haven't Thought of for Your WebsiteDoes your website stand out from the crowd? Are users captivated by an amazing website design and seamless user experience? If not, it’s time to consider new graphic-design solutions for your business’s online presence.

Say goodbye to boring color schemes, stock photos, and poor graphics. It’s time to take risks and explore new graphic-design trends that’ll set you apart from the rest. Since users take just .05 seconds to judge a website, you need to refocus your efforts on delivering the best web design out there. Your bottom line depends on it! Here are seven graphic-design solutions you should try for your business…

1. Flat design
Don’t make the mistake of thinking flat design induces yawning. While it focuses on minimalist shapes, crisp edges, open space, and bright colors, flat design also offers a better user experience. Getting rid of needless clutter and instead opting for cleaner elements helps pages load faster. Not only is this great for search-engine optimization (SEO), but users will love having a fast-loading page with beautiful design.

2. Gradients
You might remember gradients as being the go-to color-scheme for your old Powerpoint presentations and projects. Today, they’re making a comeback and complementing flat design perfectly. They enhance backgrounds, overlays, illustrations, and overall user experience. Gradients help other elements stand out on a page without being overly pushy.

3. Responsive logos
You might have heard how important a responsive website is to today’s multi-device users. What looks great on desktop must also look great on mobile devices, too. But did you ever consider your logo also making that shift? It’s becoming more apparent that developing a responsive logo design shows flexibility and adaptability in a brand. An intricate logo on desktop might not look the same on a smaller device. That means the design needs to be cut down and simplified so it appears fluid everywhere while still showcasing the brand.

4. Movement
Adding movement to your website design through micro-animations is a great way to boost user experience. They’re a quick and noticeable way to communicate with users while moving them through your website. For example, when a user hovers their mouse over a call-to-action button or text, the colors of size change to show what happens when clicked. These little movements make users feel like they’re in control of the interface while interacting with a brand.

5. Custom graphics and illustration
Graphic designers are moving away from cookie-cutter images and opting for personalization. Custom icons and illustrations differentiate businesses from the rest because they’re not found anywhere else. These graphics help build a brand’s personality while making it instantly recognizable. Consider custom graphics when creating blog posts or icons on your website. If you use social media, your custom graphics will be eye-catching and new. They show you took the time to create something special for your audience.

6. Photography
Real-life photography is in demand. Users want to see actual people doing real things instead of staged stock photos. If you want to connect with users, choose authentic photography that tells a story and conveys emotion. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of exceptional talent out there to help.

7. Video backgrounds
Let’s face it, video is usually more interesting than text and images. Having a video playing in the background on your website is a sure-fire way to make people stay and convert. Compared to text, videos tell your message quickly and clearly. Video is a great solution if your message includes a lot of complex information. Users can now digest this content within a few seconds. Plus, videos look really sleek on websites without bogging them down.

Don’t let your website design fall by the wayside. Staying up to date with current design trends will help your business stay relevant and interesting. Keep users on the page by introducing creative graphic-design solutions that’ll get them to convert. Take chances and embrace your imagination.

If you’re ready to get started or have any questions about graphic design solutions for your website, contact us today!

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