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How a Graphic Designer Can Make Your Website Look Professional

How a Graphic Designer Can Make Your Website Look Professional

How a Graphic Designer Can Make Your Website Look ProfessionalCustomers judge your company within the first few seconds of visiting your website. If your site doesn’t look professional, customers don’t think you’re legit. A great way to spruce up your website and make sure it’s appealing, clean, and professional is to hire a graphic designer. A graphic designer with skills and experience knows all of the little things that can easily be improved to make your website look better than ever. Here’s how a graphic designer can make your website look professional…

1. Fonts
Pictures are great and visitors love them but make no mistake about it: Text is the most powerful attention-getter on a website. Your text conveys your company’s mission, goals, and values and is ultimately what leads to sales. Great headlines and copy that delivers a strong message are super important in website design. While working together, a copywriter and graphic designer can make sure your website’s text creates the exact impression on your customers that you want. Some simple ways a graphic designer can help you are:

  • Carefully choosing font colors that are easy to locate and read
  • Contrasting fonts
  • Selecting perfect font sizes for your headlines and copy

Ideally, your text and all of its elements should slowly lead your customer to the point where they make the decision to purchase your product or contact your company. And again, the only way to make this happen is to have a professional-looking website that your customers will look at and automatically consider doing business with you.

2. Colors
You can now do more with a website than ever. So much so that the possibilities are literally endless. And while all the new bells, whistles, and gadgets seem appealing, they actually do little for your website if your color schemes don’t match. An experienced graphic designer knows how to choose a handful of colors that complement one another. They also know how to use perfect colors for your company’s custom logo design. With tasteful and complementing colors, your website will look organized and professional.

3. Images
Selecting random images that look cool is easy. Selecting images that make your site look professional isn’t. It’s imperative that images complement one another, your logo, and your text. One poorly selected image can turn your website into a disaster. An experienced graphic designer knows exactly where and how to select images that do nothing but add to your website’s value and professionalism. If the designer is really good, they can give you multiple options so you can choose the images you like best. This is great because it gives you a chance to use your creative mind and add to your website. Image slides that you choose can be a charming feature on your website. Of course, your graphic designer can help you crop images and fix colors.

4. Icons
Icons are a powerful image on your website. Although they’re small, they stand out to your customers. If your icons don’t match the message your website is trying to convey, your website definitely won’t look professional. Carefully selected icons are like putting colorful drops of icing on a cake. They help your website really look appealing. If your icon is a link, the importance of its visual appeal cannot be overestimated. Combining icon and shape combos to show statistics and information is another great way a graphic designer can make your site more professional.

A website that doesn’t produce is useless. The first thing you have to do to make sure your website produces is spruce it up and make it look professional. Hiring an experienced business graphic designer is the easiest way to do this. Contact David Taylor Designs to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced business graphic-design experts.

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