How to Develop Successful Brand Strategies for Your Manufacturing CompanyA recognizable brand is a brand that sells. A solid brand strategy is the most valuable asset a company can utilize. People are more likely to choose a brand they know over an unfamiliar brand. So how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd? It’s not just a pretty logo or fun mascot; a brand tells the consumer who your company is and what it stands for, which is why a great brand strategy can make all the difference.

If you’re a smaller business, competing with big brands can be a tall order. Customer perception is significant for both small and big business. You want people to feel like they can trust your brand and the products you sell. A detailed brand strategy can make that a reality.

Identify what makes your company unique
As part of the company, you already know how great your company is, but everyone else doesn’t. Discover what sets your company apart from all the others. Why should consumers choose your brand?

  • Products
    Your products are one of the features that will make your company stand out. If you produce a quality product that consumers enjoy, you have already gotten over a hurdle many companies face. Depending on your company, your products can have a lot of competition or very little. Either way, you need to sell consumers on your product and why it’s better than the others. For example, let’s say your company sells honey. Well, tons of other companies also sell honey. So why is your honey better than theirs? Perhaps you have specially cultivated bees, or your specific locations allow the bees to have a particular diet which makes the taste of the honey different than your average bottle. These unique things are what can sell your product to consumers. It makes your product different from something a consumer can find in every grocery store.
  • Brand Name
    Brand name is the first exposure consumers get of your brand. Does it catch their eye? Is it memorable? Is it recognizable? Do you have a cute mascot like Tony the Tiger or the Michelin Man? Your brand says a lot about your company, so you want it to be creative and individual to your business. In addition, your brand should help you stand out. You want your brand name to roll off the tongue and be something that is easily memorable for all audiences.
  • Services/Capabilities
    Consumers love companies that keep their promises. It builds trust and loyalty with your consumer base. If you advertise for specific services, ensure that you’ll follow through and deliver on those services. For instance, maybe you offer specialty shipping because your products are perishable or you provide samples and discounts for spending a certain amount. By the same token, don’t say your company is capable of something if it isn’t. Whatever services your business offers, showcase them in a way that sets your company apart from others. So while certain companies may only go so far, show that you’ll go even further to ensure customer satisfaction.

Make your website attractive.
There is only a short window of time in which you can hook consumers and keep them on your website. To achieve the kind of consumer base you want for a successful business, you’ll need to make your website appeal to a variety of audiences. Your website needs to be inclusive without repelling other audiences. It’s a fine line, but that sweet spot exists for many company websites where it welcomes new customers and is recognizable to existing consumers. An attractive website will stimulate more site views and exposure.

  • Make a Video
    Videos are a great way to spark interest in your website and also provide a voice and a point of view for your company. Videos can be about your products, the company, or even issues that are important to the company and customers. Posting videos provides a human element to websites that can get lost amidst the array of eye-catching graphics. Consumers will be more willing to watch a video on your product and how it works than they will be towards an article or long-winded text explanation. Videos make things palatable and easy to digest. Short videos about varying topics allow you to get out a lot of information with minimal effort on the consumers part because all they have to do is press play.
  • Include appealing graphics
    Graphics are an essential aspect of web development and design. They provide a specific feel and aesthetic quality to each website, so audiences know what kind of company they are interacting with. Additionally, the graphics are the creative spirit of a site, showcasing the brand, product, and business all in one package. Visual appeal links directly to web design and can also exhibit professionalism. Not only are graphics great for visual appeal, but they hold importance when it comes to usability. The way an audience interacts with your website is just as important as how it looks.
  • Consider User Experience (UX): As mentioned previously, user experience is paramount for successful web design. The way a user interacts with your site can have lasting impacts. If there is no clear direction or the site isn’t easily navigable, audiences are less likely to stay. Users are finicky, and they want to get the information they want almost immediately. If they have to set out on a quest to find what they are looking for on your website, they aren’t likely to return. User experience should be among the top focuses of your web design. While your company website is about your business, it’s also about your consumers and your audience. Graphic and design choices should not only represent your brand, but they should cater to the needs of your users because your users keep you in business.

Find an individual market to cater to
Your target audience/market is a crucial piece of the puzzle for branding strategies. Identifying your customer base will center your strategy and the market you are trying to sell to or become exposed to. To determine why consumers should choose your brand over others, you first need to determine who your target clients are. Once you have your audience, you can begin catering your branding towards that market to build customer loyalty but also entice new clients.

When developing branding and marketing strategies, knowing your target clients is imperative. The more you narrow your focus for the target audience, the faster your market should grow. However, none of this will happen with a snap of your fingers. You’ll need to thoroughly research your audience so you can gain perspective on their priorities, anticipate their needs, and develop marketing strategies that speak to them.

Be consistent with your strategy
Changing your brand too often will confuse consumers and make them less likely to trust your company. Consistency is important so that your user will believe your product, pitch, and placement. Once you settle on a specific brand marketing strategy, stay with it. The only time you should alter that strategy is to adopt a more effective approach.

When your branding message has been decided, use it in every bit of content or marketing, you create to establish a seamless brand. Long-term brand building requires consistency if growth is the end goal. Making too many alterations will complicate the way customers view your company and your brand.

Ultimately, the best decision a company can make is to focus on their audience. A company that shows they know their target clients and cares about their needs builds loyalty and trust. A trusted brand is one that has a solid core audience with room to grow through long-term branding strategies.

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