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How to Improve Your Mobile Presence with Graphic Design Solutions

How to Improve Your Mobile Presence with Graphic Design Solutions

How to Improve Your Mobile Presence with Graphic Design SolutionsGraphic-design solutions combine pictures with text to advertise and promote your business. With so many new software programs and talented graphic designers, graphic-design solutions are more advanced—and sometimes complicated—than ever. Additionally, the increasing importance of mobile presence adds an interesting element to the graphic design equation. For your presence to be known, your graphics have to be spot on and completely compatible. Before diving into how that’s possible, it’s important to go over some graphic-design basics.

What is graphic design?
Graphic design arranges visual elements on a surface to convey an idea. Important graphic-design elements are shape, form, and color. Each is carefully chosen to create a design. A graphic designer’s visual ability, artistic imagination, and expression all influence how well a design turns out and more importantly if it achieves its intended purpose.

What is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is an artistic professional who creates designs for business promotion purposes. A good graphic designer has exceptional people skills. They know how to gather important information, think, and problem solve—all while working closely with business representatives to make sure design ideas accurately reflect business goals and values.

Graphic-design solutions
Graphic-design solutions are more important than ever. Having a solid web and mobile presence is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. A poor mobile presence hurts your business two-fold:

  • Customers and clients are gravitating toward only using mobile devices for search, internet, and business activity.
  • Google penalizes businesses that don’t have a mobile presence and/or a poor mobile presence.

Working with an experienced, dedicated, and talented graphic-design company ensures your designs send the message you want and are mobile compatible. At David Taylor Design, we use any and every resource when creating designs. Some great ways we can help you improve your business and your mobile presence are custom logo design and website design.

  1. Custom logo design
    A logo is one of the most important reflections of a company’s identity. Many times, a logo is the first and only thing a client or customer looks at. A custom logo design is a very powerful way to reach out to your clients and customers. If it’s done properly, a custom logo design draws people toward your business and raises curiosity and interest. It also conveys a strong message and a feeling of trust. The challenge of creating a custom logo design that’s effective and is mobile compatible should always be left up to a graphic design professional.
  2. Custom website design
    There are many custom website design elements. Graphic design is one of the most important. Many businesses make a mistake and overdo graphic design on their websites. Experienced website design companies know that graphic design is a complement to an organized site that’s easy to use and full of information—copy and text. Graphics let the user know the business is trustworthy rather than overwhelming them with images and colors. Again, it’s very important to choose a graphic designer with experience, knowledge, and skills.

Your graphic-design solution
We’ll work with you to ensure your graphic design is effective. Our graphic-design team has provided countless clients with fantastic results. Our advanced graphic-design software creates designs that are always mobile compatible. Your website will rank higher, and your clients and customers will be able to access your site much easier. They’ll also be able to make purchases, contact you, and more. When you’re ready for a one-on-one consultation with one of our graphic design specialists, please contact us or call 973-968-5423.

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