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How Web-Design Services Can Increase Your Traffic

How Web-Design Services Can Increase Your Traffic

How Web-Design Services Can Increase Your TrafficA new, flashy website with all the latest bells and whistles means nothing if it doesn’t generate any traffic. And using expensive web-design services that don’t provide a return on investment certainly won’t help your bottom line. To create a website that generates traffic and increases your revenue, it’s imperative to use web-design services that have historically produced the type of results you’re looking for. David Taylor Design knows all of the web-design services in and outs. We’ll build your website from the ground up—making sure no important traffic increasing or revenue generating features are left out.

Mobile capability
The web-design and development world has changed rather recently. If you take a look around, you’ll immediately see why. People use their smartphones every second of the day. Long gone are the days when people get home from work and surf the web on their desktop or laptop. This means that the most important feature of your website is its ability to function across mobile platforms. Because David Taylor Design understands the web has and always will change with the times, we’ve invested time and money into a website design and development service that designs only mobile-friendly websites. Important features that you won’t miss out on include:

  • Easy viewing (no aggravating pinching and zooming)
  • Quick and effective information display (no excess scrolling)
  • Web page response to all screen sizes

These features combine to make your website user-friendly and easy to use. Your customers can pull up your site and navigate through it with no problems whatsoever. Of course, this translates to more time spent on your website, more traffic, and more revenue. If you compare your site to a non-mobile friendly site of one of your competitors, you’ll see the night-and-day difference. And keep in mind: Customers visit websites for everything (addresses, directions, prices, contact information, etc.) nowadays. Having a website that functions better than your competitors across mobile platforms is a traffic-and-revenue-generating machine.

Search-engine optimization (SEO)
It’s no secret that websites on the first page of search results generate the most traffic. Most web-design services will tell you how great it is to be on the first page, but not many will actually put you there. David Taylor Design is a constantly evolving web-design company that understands how SEO works and how it constantly changes. First and foremost, we’ll create a website that targets your customers and meets all of your marketing and sales goals. Your site will naturally rank high—no tricks or gimmicks are needed. Your web page design will be unique and tasteful. Huge pictures and flashy text are not needed for your site to rank. In fact, these features actually hurt your site’s ranking. You’ll receive weekly and monthly analytical reports that will show the rate at which your traffic is increasing.

Contacting David Taylor Design
A website that functions across mobile platforms and naturally ranks high on search engines is the key to generating more traffic. David Taylor Design’s web-design services will create a website that does both for you. We’ll work closely and carefully with you and your team members to make sure your website reflects your company’s mission, goals, and values. No stone will be left unturned. Traffic will increase, revenue will be generated, and your return will be well worth your investment. To arrange your one-on-one consultation with a David Taylor Design web-design services expert, call us at 973-557-4166 or visit our contact page.

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