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Industrial Internet Marketing – Marketing For Manufacturers

Industrial Internet Marketing

David Taylor Design provides high-quality digital marketing services tailored to your industry. That’s why we don’t begin conversations with a hard sell or the typical lines about SEO that we hear from so many other businesses. We start by asking questions, aiming to understand your experience, and listening to your needs. Our goal is to use our expertise to tailor an SEO solution to your industry and your business. Get in touch with us if you think you need industrial internet marketing or if you are a manufacturer and would like marketing customized for your needs.

We’ve identified four areas where we can help industrial operations and manufacturers significantly: reliability, security, quality content, and digital presence. By working with us to boost your performance in these areas, you can look forward to more organic traffic, better quality leads, and authentic growth that builds momentum.

Here are things to consider in each area today. If you would like help with this project, you know where we are! Don’t hesitate to call.

Digital Presence

We aim to help your industrial internet marketing by focusing on your digital presence. Some of your competitors may not even be on the internet, which means that this may be one of the fastest ways to get a leg up on them. If you’re at all worried about the potential complexity of SEO for industrial companies, be heartened by the fact that just being online is often enough to push you ahead of your competitors. It’s imperative not to stop there, though!

Before we get to work on your site and SEO, we would perform an SEO audit to see where you are. Part of this is assessing your current digital presence, including but not limited to your website. We’ll see where your information is up to date and how your branding is reaching your visitors, or not.

Just tweaking, updating, or modernizing your current digital presence can be enough to generate new leads. In our experience, we never turn our noses up at the difference that small changes can make.


We’ve seen that customers and clients in the manufacturing industry demand reliability, even more so than in many other sectors. So we make one of our industrial internet marketing priorities ensuring that your site is functional, up-to-date, and reflects your manufacturing services.

We will work on your site to see that it is differentiated from your competitors. Letting your clients know why they should choose you can help reduce hesitation or ambiguity. We will also see that your site is consistent and current, which helps to build and maintain trust. A dependable website is essential if you want to appear to be a dependable business.

To ensure that your website gives the right impression by being fully functional at all times, we will make sure that you have a dependable server that will minimize downtime. A website with pages that fail to load or that throws up error messages is not only frustrating but also sends potential clients to competitors who seem more reliable, even if they may not be a better fit.

Another major area of concern for us when working on industrial internet marketing will be the speed of your site. The faster we can make your website, the better because you can lose business if your site is slow. Web users are increasingly likely to click away if a webpage does not deliver what it promises within a few seconds. In the fast-paced business world, excellent page loading times are critical. In addition to not losing customers due to slow pages, you may also pick up business from competitors with poor-performing websites.


Google will want to see that your website has an SSL (secure socket layer). Most business websites have this, but many don’t. Fewer know where to look to fix this issue. It may only seem like an icon of a padlock in the address bar, but this little padlock is imperative to give your clients the knowledge that you care about their safety and that they can browse your site safely. If clients can make purchases via your website, SSL is critical.

Businesses that ignore the SSL issue also turn their back on Google and their rankings. Google is in the business of serving excellent suggestions to its users. It does not consider unsecured websites as good value. Leave security to us. We will make sure that your clients are safe and that Google knows it.

Good Content

Effective industrial internet marketing will include a strategy regarding creating and sharing high-quality content. Useful, well-written content will attract visitors. By writing content that your target demographic will love, you will boost your traffic from precisely the people you want to do business with.

What makes good content? It’s important to be helpful. And to establish your business as an authority, it’s a good idea to solve problems and provide information. This is where you get to use your industry expertise to show that you know your stuff and to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you have an opinion or angle that goes against the trend, this can be an effective way of growing your traffic, especially in the beginning.

Note that content comes in many forms. It’s not all about text. Your content might include blogs, images, video, infographics, audio, or other elements. To use the content types that will deliver the best results, consider the needs and preferences of your ideal customer.

High-quality content with SEO will help bring in leads. By attracting your visitors with targeted keywords, and helping them by sharing your expertise, you can do more business more easily.

We’re here for all your industrial internet marketing needs. If you want more business and you’d like it to come to you, get in touch with our SEO professionals at David Taylor Design. We provide marketing for manufacturers that will get you the results you desire.

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