4 Features That Your IT Company Web Design Must HaveIt’s hard to make a good first impression, even more so when you’re a business trying to appease most, if not all, audiences. A website is your company’s first digital impression to website goers, and as such, it should be memorable. Your IT company web design should be a representation of everything your business is about with simple navigation, innovative design, and cohesive small business branding.

How do you know that your website is well-positioned for your business to succeed? Here is a hint: It requires several different factors that create a seamless website that will keep audiences coming back. While having special features can give your website a leg up over the competition, remember not to go overboard. If audiences feel overwhelmed upon first entering your home page, they probably won’t stick around. Here are some features that will pack a punch and also make a statement.

  1. Compelling home page

While making your home page compelling might seem like common sense, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Your home page should wow audiences as soon as they arrive, providing a unique design and company information in a way that allows website users to absorb everything piece by piece.

Strong IT company web design will ensure that your homepage is free of clutter and easy to scan. Utilize images, icons, small paragraphs, eye-catching fonts, and keywords so that viewers can access the information they need without launching an investigation of your website.

  1. Graphics and Imaging

Stunning images and graphics are likely to draw a crowd, and you can accomplish a great deal through the use of images and videos. You don’t need to clutter your IT company web design to have an impact. Strategically placed images and videos can showcase products and services that entice users.

Utilize custom imagery to make your website stand out from the rest. If you use stock photos or any other widely used image, you might just end up looking similar to every other website out there.

  1. Responsive design

With so many platforms available, it’s imperative that your website is adaptable to multiple mediums and platforms including mobile and tablet. We are an on-the-go generation, so being able to view your website on various platforms is crucial. Your content, images, videos, and any graphics should all be easily transferable to various resolutions, screen sizes, and browsers.

Nothing is worse than going on your phone for information, only to find that the website you need has images blocking text and videos that don’t work or load properly. With the popularity of mobile devices, you need to ensure that all content will be compatible on all platforms.

  1. Quality content

One of the worst things you can do is create a beautiful web design and fill it with content that is subpar. Achieving readability is a significant factor in successful web design because it allows viewers to easily recognize specific wording, sentences, or phrases within the text.  When creating content, you only want to include what is truly important. Don’t use fillers or list unnecessary information; it will only make it harder for viewers to find exactly what they want.

You want people to be able to scan your website and absorb information with minimal effort.

Affordable SEO optimization is a key component of developing strong content. Utilizing keywords will make your website more accessible to larger numbers of viewers and make it easier for viewers to skim your website for information.

Technology is a consistently growing industry that can change at the drop of a hat. Your IT company web design should grow and change with the industry, whether it be following trends or including new technology. Don’t get caught up in staying with the first draft of your website. There are plenty of web-design professionals who can ensure that your website and your company remain modern and up-to-date. To discuss the website design needs of your IT company web design, contact David Taylor Design today.

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