Technology is always evolving, and companies need to keep up with these enhancements in order to remain relevant in today’s market. IT companies are under significantly more pressure to always be on the cutting edge of development, so their websites have to be modern and innovative. In competitive industries, such as IT, finding the next best thing first and capitalizing on it is the goal. So how do you ensure that the latest in technology is reflected on your company’s website? You find a professional website design company that can help you create a cohesive IT company website design that fits your company brand, goals, and objectives. Here are just a few companies that have created superb IT websites for clients:

  1. David Taylor Design

David Taylor Design was started in 2007 by founder and creative director, David Taylor. Since the start of the company, they have acquired a plethora of passionate and talented professionals with one goal: to certify that every client is able to achieve their goals. One thing that David Taylor Design stresses is the ability to have a company website accessible on multiple platforms. With smartphones and tablets replacing most other technologies, it only makes sense that website design would make that transition. Due to this, David Taylor Design ensures that all website designs are mobile friendly and responsive so everyone on the go can have information at their fingertips.

In addition to exceptional design, the company also offers animation, video production, and small business branding opportunities that can be utilized by clients. Want to make your website pop? Animation, photography, video production, and intricate designs can enhance your websites overall impression. As we know, first impressions mean everything when it comes to IT company website design.

  1. Webpage FX

Webpage FX is a digital marketing agency that collaborates with clients to develop innovative strategies for their goals and objectives. They have a team of award-winning marketers, designers, and developers all of whom are passionate about the work they do. The company offers full-service strategies that utilize a combination of digital channels to boost visibility, conversions, and revenue.

With years of experience creating more than 255,000 page-one ratings on Google, you could say they know their stuff. From web design and redesign to personalized content and motion graphics, Webpage FX can create stunning IT company website design for clients in various industries. They offer tailor-made plans and packages set to meet and exceed client needs, fit in the budget, and dazzle even the toughest critic.

  1. LYFE Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is a social media management company that offers a plethora of services including web design. In fact, they were rated the #1 Atlanta Web Design service. The company’s focus is to deliver a website that audiences will love and trust. Similar to other web design companies, they also believe in ensuring that your website is responsive on all technology platforms for optimal accessibility. Before they begin creating your website, LYFE Marketing will collaborate with you to learn about your business and your preferences for a website. Collaboration is key to any successful business venture, and it’s important that you clarify your goals with the web-design company of your choice. The professionals at LYFE Marketing strive to create a cohesive and exceptional user experience that allows website users with easy navigation through your website. A IT company website design that allows users to search and find what they want quickly will create high return rates.

When products and services are in high demand, you want to certify that your website users have ease of access to your business. This will create a level of transparency that consumers can trust, meaning they trust your company and your products. Consumers that trust you are consumers that will deliver repeat business. And none of this can be accomplished without proper technology. It’s important that you research web design companies that offer an array of services that can benefit your IT company website design.


So how does this great website design actually bring you more business?

These web designers are all at the top of their game when it comes to IT company website design. As we’ve discussed, IT companies require different things than other businesses when it comes to web design and development. IT marketing campaigns aren’t complete without a web design for business. In fact, in order to even compete in the industry, these websites need to provide in-depth information in a pleasing, understandable way. They need to hit all the touchpoints of a visitor’s journey to perfectly land a sale.

Your website needs to effectively market your IT solutions while also nurturing qualified leads.

It only takes 50 milliseconds for someone to know if they like your website or not. Is yours ready? How do you ensure your IT company’s website really stands out and brings in business?




Top IT company website design strategies that generate leads:

Know your customer

When embarking on web design, you need to first consider your audience. What information are they looking for? Once you figure that out, your design will begin to take shape. If you’re not sure, simply ask current customers what they think of the current site. Maybe they have some tips and insights. You’ll be able to better understand what kinds of content, navigation, and layout would help users.

Focus above-the-fold

Since it only takes a moment for users to form an opinion of a website, you need to offer important information ASAP on the landing page. You have to do this short and sweet since users only get through about 28% of the content on a web page. IT company website design should use scrolling boxes or bulleted lists since they’re quick to skim over just provide links to more information.

Use card design and icons

No one likes clutter in an IT company website design. That’s why it’s good to use cards and icons in your design, especially for long-form content. These break up the text into visually appealing and easily digestible nuggets. Plus, this will ensure plenty of white space on the page, making it easy on the eyes. Make sure to balance everything out without overwhelming the audience.

Video and images

As you’re aware, people love videos and images nowadays. To really engage your visitors, show off your product through a video demo right from the start. Include helpful content below so they can understand the big picture. Or you can have call-to-action (CTA) buttons everywhere, inviting people to see the demo on another page. Just make it easy. An IT company website design that uses both content and media generates leads faster. A picture or video can sell your solutions better than any written content. Show off your hard work.

Big CTAs

Tell users what you want them to do next by pushing them through the sales funnel through CTAs. Make them big, above the fold, and have contrasting colors with an enticing copy. They need to be relevant to the user on each step of their journey. This means fully customized on each page. But, you should still have your primary CTA above the fold on each page. Sometimes people need a gentle nudge.

Have a modern site to ensure more conversions

A modern, sleek, and well-designed website should be a given at this point. It gives your prospect a feeling that you are a qualified professional who can solve their problems. Here are three reasons why a modern IT website is essential to gaining more conversions and building a successful IT company website design:

  1. Modern websites are more trusted

    Last year, 94% of website visitors listed web design as a reason they distrusted or rejected a website. As the world increasingly moves online, your website will be the first impression many, if not most, of your customers and clients have of your company, and it’s the criteria they’ll use to decide whether or not to take further action with you. Simply put, people trust modern interfaces, and as a result, they trust companies with modern, well-designed, and intuitive websites more. They don’t want to give their money or information through a bad interface or even to a company with a bad interface. A website that’s not well-designed raises questions and doubts about whether or not a company is still viable. Plus, digital natives and people who are technologically literate are increasingly moving into the workforce, and they expect a high-quality IT company website design and active digital presence from almost every company they do business with—especially those in the information technology sector.

  1. Mobile websites are where it’s at

    Every website needs to be mobile responsive, and a modern website is one that’s optimized for mobile devices. This means that an IT company website design has to show up perfectly sized, optimized, and in mere seconds on any mobile device. Your potential clients and customers are increasingly connected while on-the-go and are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile use is surpassing desktop use, so it’s even more important these days. If your customers are not able to reach your site on these devices, or if your site is clunky, slow, distorted, or just difficult to navigate on mobile, you’ll miss out on a large and growing number of conversions. Plus Google’s algorithm is now mobile first. So not having a mobile-friendly website can hurt your visibility in search engines.So how can a modern, mobile-optimized IT company website design help your bottom line? Research shows that mobile pages that are just one second faster to load generate up to 27% difference in conversion rates. So no matter what kind of design you’re looking for, mobile responsive needs to be a priority.

  1. Modern means innovative

    A good, modern IT company website design is one that doesn’t stay stagnant month after month, year after year. Make sure you’re testing design, language, buttons, call to actions—anything you want to upgrade or change. And then when you’ve decided what you want to test, make sure you measure and analyze your results—and record those results as well. Testing ensures that you’re making decisions that are data-driven, which will get you the best results and the highest number of conversions.

Whether you like it or not, the world is increasingly digital and mobile, and IT company website design and appearance makes a huge difference in people’s decisions about your company as a whole. If you’re struggling to get conversions online or offline, try performing a website audit and making any changes you see fit. For example, Google has free tools to give you some insight on your site’s page load speed and mobile-friendliness, which can help you with two huge factors people use to make decisions.

As always, you should continually test various parts of your IT company website design. Start identifying pages that work well and then emulate them throughout the site. Don’t let your content go stale, as this helps to gain the trust of users over time.

Remember, when working on your IT company web design, quality beats quantity every day of the week. Focus your time and energy on delivering informative, relevant, and useful content to your users. Create a modern, appealing experience through design that attracts users and turns them into customers. At the end of the day, it’s always about user-experience. Make sure you offer a website that keeps people on the page and coming back for more.If you have any questions about IT company website design or would like to speak with one of your web design professionals, please reach out to us today.


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