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Keep Your Business Website Safe from Hackers By Doing These 3 Things

Keep Your Business Website Safe from Hackers By Doing These 3 Things

Keep Your Business Website Safe from Hackers By Doing These 3 Things Hacking has happened to such huge conglomerates as Target, Amazon, Yahoo, CNN, and eBay. Hackers can easily penetrate your business website and retrieve personal and proprietary company information and use it to wreak all sorts of havoc on your personal and professional life. If you use a computer for any reason—and who doesn’t—you need to keep your information safe from the evil ways of hackers. But how? It seems that hackers can get in almost anywhere they set their minds to.

Don’t despair; there are ways to keep your website safe from hackers. Here’s how:

Keep your website’s software up to date: While it may be annoying to wait for an update on your software to complete, it’s essential that you do this to keep your site safe from hackers. Often an update becomes necessary because the developers of the software have discovered security holes. New versions of the software will close these holes, keeping you safer from hackers trying to gain access to your information.

Use difficult passwords: The reasoning behind this is very simple. Longer codes, with a wider variety of characters, and upper and lower case letters, is harder to crack, even for an attack program. It’s not impossible, but it will take hacking programs much longer to figure out longer and more complicated passwords. In addition, do not use the same password for all of the sites you use with personal information. Once a hacker gets your credit card number, do you want him or her to have your banking information, too?

Get and use a virus scanner for your website: Even if you don’t open suspicious links or those that come from someone you don’t know, you aren’t completely protected from viruses. Unfortunately, even visiting sites you trust can get you a virus, if that site has malware, or sends you an infected link. To keep your site safe from viruses, you need to employ a virus scanner to complement your own common sense. David Taylor Designs has a custom one we virus scanner that searches the site every six hours for viruses.

There are several other measures you can take to protect your website from hackers, including ensuring that documents you upload are not corrupted, taking care that you only give administrative login to those you trust, and backing up your site frequently.

Would you like to know more about website security, and keeping your site safe from hackers? Contact David Taylor Design so we can help you.

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