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Why Your Law Firm’s Website Design is an Essential Part of Your Business

Why Your Law Firm’s Website Design is an Essential Part of Your Business

Why your law firm’s website design is an essential part of your businessDo you think your law firm’s website design is better than your competitors? If the answer is no, then you’re probably losing potential clients to these other lawyers. People tend to scope out four to five law firms online before they actually choose one to call. If your website isn’t user-friendly, rich with information, or even visually appealing, then these consumers are likely to pass you by. Large or small, your firm’s website is most likely the first point of contact for many potential clients. Don’t skimp out on this crucial part of your business!

Here are five reasons why your law firm’s web design is important:

1. It represents your brand.
First impressions matter, especially online. What kind of image are you projecting to potential clients? If your website design is outdated, bland, and confusing, then these leads will undoubtedly think your law firm is the same. Most potential clients don’t know who you are when they first visit, so greet them with a modern, visually appealing site that they’ll feel comfortable with.

2. You can stand out in a crowd.
With more than 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, competing online can be grueling. In a sea of professional and qualified attorneys, how do you differentiate yourself? Most of the time, potential clients are looking at law firms for the first time ever, so they need to remember you. Having a great web design that reflects your uniqueness and capabilities can give you a leg up!

3. Increase conversions.
While we all want to see our websites get flooded with traffic, conversions are even more important to the bottom line. When developing a website, you always need to think about getting users to actually pick up the phone or fill out a contact form. Visitors need to follow a clear and understandable path throughout your website that leads them to that first communication. They need to be shown strong content that’s easily readable on both desktop and mobile devices. Don’t forget about placing noticeable calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout your site so they have an opportunity to connect at each turn. Users aren’t afraid to leave a bad site immediately.

4. Rank higher on Google.
If this isn’t a priority, it should be. Google monitors user behavior on websites constantly using analytics. It can see how long people are spending on your website, and if it’s not for very long, you’re in trouble. A great website is designed to keep people on the site for as long as possible. You’ll want potential clients to be learning about your offerings, specialties, history, and lawyers. If they’re leaving almost as soon as they arrive, then this tells Google that your site isn’t good, which will leave you stranded on page 2 or worse on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This means that potential leads won’t ever be able to find you.

5. Better search-engine marketing.
Going off of the previous reason, having a well-designed website improves every aspect of your online marketing strategy. Firms wouldn’t invest thousands of dollars each month on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and retargeting ads if they weren’t confident in their website. These lawyers understand the value of showing up on the first page of Google, so they take the time to make sure their strategies are golden. Best practices include maximizing SEO and local SEO, clear web content, helpful blogs, and correct contact info.

Even if you just get referrals from word of mouth and don’t care about all this search engine stuff, you still need a distinguished website built by a professional that perfectly represents your business. The internet isn’t going away anytime soon, and users tend to research a lot online before choosing a product. Therefore, it’s essential to make your product easily accessible, understandable, and attractive. Your bottom line will thank you!

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