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Master Email Marketing for Your Nonprofit in 3 Easy Steps

Master Email Marketing for Your Nonprofit in 3 Easy Steps

Master Email Marketing for Your Nonprofit in 3 Easy StepsNow that you’ve created a nonprofit organization, the to-do-list might seem never-ending. Your organization needs to promote itself efficiently while gaining support from the community and maybe even one day, from the world. One major marketing resource that should not be overlooked comes each day through everyone’s inbox.

Email marketing remains a great way to rally followers for a number of reasons. First, organizations can choose who sees their emails by targeting those who are already interested in. Analyzing and segmenting your audience cuts down on time and energy for everyone. Second, showing up consistently in people’s inboxes promotes your brand while gaining exposure. Emails also provide easy sharing, which grants your nonprofit a wider audience. Last, email marketing proves cost-effective against other promotional tools because of its simplicity and digital platform.

Advertising your nonprofit through email can create and strengthen the relationships you have with your supporters. However, getting started with your email campaigns requires some thought and dedication. By following just a few of our steps, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Here are the three best email marketing strategies for your nonprofit:

  • Develop a Plan
  • Create a series of emails for each goal.
  • Test deployment frequency, and plan accordingly with your findings. Then redeploy messages to those that did not open the first time.
  • Make sure the effort you put into an individual equals their value to your nonprofit. Why waste time and energy on a disinterested viewer when you can be focusing on someone who will be more likely to contribute?
  • Stick to your schedule. Time frames and windows of opportunity are important to keep track of.
  • Grow followers by having sign-up forms on each page of your website and at live events. Your emails will constantly reach a wider audience through easy access to your brand.
  1. Make Your Emails Engaging
  • Make sure your email copy and design are centered on your goal.
  • Have engaging or catchy subject lines that highlight a benefit or two that readers can expect just by supporting your nonprofit.
  • Give your readers the chance to engage by driving them back to your website through calls to action (CTA) like “Read More” or “Browse Now.”
  • Use powerful images to motivate action. Visuals can spur the imagination toward making an impact.
  • Reinforce the value placed on your nonprofit and its supporters. Audiences need to know the importance of each branch in your organization.
  • Use testimonials and case studies to illustrate how you’ve made a difference.
  1. Track Your Results
  • Look at the open rates, and keep a record of them so you can tell which efforts get the best results.
  • Track click-through rates to see which ideas get the most interaction so you can take advantage of what works and stay away from what doesn’t work in future campaigns.
  • Keep an eye on unsubscribes so you can measure how your readers value your email efforts. This way you can build stronger campaigns that cater to the interests of your readers. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to unsubscribers to remind them of your core beliefs and why they should stay.

Marketing through email is a quick way to reach out to potential donors and supporters. A study by Statista found that 39% of its subjects check their email one to three times a day. This means that you have a very large opportunity to connect and spread your message. However, this chance at exposure needs to be well thought out. Remember to establish a solid plan of action, create appealing messaging, and then manage your performance throughout the entire process. You’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.
Though advertising your nonprofit through email might seem “old fashioned,” it still represents a direct way to engage with supporters without breaking the bank. Nonprofit organizations, in particular, can benefit from this marketing avenue because it allows them to develop stronger relationships with both old and new supporters while spreading their true message.

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