new jersey seo companyOptimizing your website for maximum traffic and profits means having the best search engine optimization (SEO). You have to configure your website to make it as easy as possible for people to find it. If you’re going to hire a New Jersey SEO company or any local company for that matter, there are some things to look for.

First, did the owners of the SEO company do their website’s SEO themselves or did they hire out? Second, for a local company, you also need a local presence. Is there a physical location in the area they claim to be? Third, look at the company’s work. You need examples to check for quality.

Does the New Jersey SEO Company Do its Own SEO?

Are you considering a local SEO company to do your website’s SEO? If the company you’re considering didn’t do the work on its own content and SEO, would you want to hire them? Let’s see how we can get some insight into their SEO practices on their own site.

How Did You Find the Company?

Let’s assume the company did do its own SEO. How does their website fare when looking at its statistics and performing searches? Hopefully, you will have at least found the company website using a simple Google search. Note whether the website appeared on the first page of the search results.

Related to that, consider how the company’s information on Google My Business looks. Is the information clear, concise, and accurate? When considering accuracy, note whether the information on Google My Business matches what’s on the company website. There shouldn’t be discrepancies.

You can check the statistics on the SEO company’s website and glean useful information. Various tools will allow you to find these website statistics. One of the most useful of these tools is Through their free tool you can find what keywords they rank for and which domains send them the most traffic.

Consider how the statistics you find for the company website compare to other SEO company websites. Is the company you’re considering a clear leader or major competitor?

If their website statistics are mediocre or worse, it makes it more doubtful that they can help you with your web optimization.

Does the SEO Company Have Blogs?

Does the SEO company you’re considering have blogs on its website? Hopefully, they do and they post new ones with some regularity. That’s to be expected if they’re a legitimate business. They’re going to want to tell you about how well they’re doing and any new services they’re marketing. Also, they should occasionally mention about how their work has helped clients succeed. Consider whether the clients testimonials are notable.

Does the Company Website Display Properly On Mobile Devices?

One of the fundamentals for having a good website is getting it to display well on mobile devices. In the last few years, most website viewings have been on mobile devices, as opposed to desktops or notebooks, which means web optimization is more crucial than ever. Now more than ever is it important to have a mobile-friendly website as Google’s mobile-first indexing is officially underway.

This is especially true for page loading speed where people these days simply won’t wait for a slow page to load. On top of this, Google rewards faster-loading websites, ranking them higher on average compared to slower websites.

Does the Company Have a Local Brick-and-Mortar Address?

This may seem like such a simple requirement that you wouldn’t look for it, but you should. A post office box doesn’t count in this case.

It would be good to see an actual business presence in the local business district. If not that, then maybe the business has a place in an office complex or a mall. A tiny space in a cluster of mostly empty retail units is even ok, as long as it is a space you can physically visit and meet with the team.

A business that’s “sort of” here, but headquartered in another country has given you a warning regarding the business’s longevity in your area.

A nearby physical location for an SEO website business, however, will help with certain needs. A New Jersey business can benefit from a New Jersey SEO company. You may have problems that can’t be worked out by correspondence. You’ll need a place to go, to speak to people face-to-face. Being able to visit a business also allows you to place emphasis on certain kinds of business requests with a personal visit. And a local SEO company will have insight into what a local business needs.

Does The SEO Company Have a Work Portfolio?

A good company, no matter what they do, should be happy to showcase their successful work. That’s especially the case when the company has noteworthy clients or work that they are proud to present on their website.

Hopefully, the company you’re considering will have specific details of their work posted on their website. This gives you an opportunity to assess their professionalism and whether you’d be happy with similar results.

When a company is really good, their reputation can rub off on your business. Consider whether or not you would want people to know that this company had worked on your website. If potential customers knew that you had worked with them, could it in turn help your business?

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